A letter to the United Nations in Greece refuting Turkey’s allegations about the islands of the Aegean Sea

Greece’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday, rejecting allegations contained in a letter sent by Turkey to the same agency in September 2021.

The letter dated May 25, 2022 specifically focuses on Turkey’s claim that sovereignty becomes an issue if the islands of the Aegean Sea fail to be demilitarized.

This letter rejects Turkey’s allegations as legally, historically and virtually unacceptable.

Turkey’s claim was captured in Erdogan’s expansionist plan.Blue motherland.. “.

Specifically, Greece’s sovereignty over the Aegean islands rejected Turkey’s entire argument that it was somehow related to the supposed obligation to demilitarize these islands. He adds that it violates both the spirit and wording of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923 and the Treaty of Paris in 1947.

Excerpt from a letter to the United Nations in Greece

“Greece completely rejects all discussions contained in Turkey’s September 30 letter, which is legally and historically as contained in the previous letter of July 13, 2021. Clearly similar as virtually unsupportable. Questioning Greece’s sovereignty over these islands on the unfounded premise that Greece violates its obligation to demilitarize them under the above treaty. Attempts to throw violate the basic principles of international law on border stability and the title of sovereignty.

All of the above Greek islands have rights to territorial waters, exclusive economic zones, and continental shelves in accordance with UNCLOS Article 121 (2). Therefore, the Greek sovereignty over these islands is legally indisputable, and the rights to the waters and their impact on the demarcation of the waters have nothing to do with the issue of demilitarization.

Greece continues to firmly believe that the two countries can resolve the striking difference between the continental shelf and the demarcation of the exclusive economic zone in accordance with the spirit of good neighborhood relations and international law. Greece is also calling on Turkey to commit to a peaceful resolution of this difference. “

Here is the entire English letter in PDF A letter to the United Nations in Greece refuting Turkey’s allegations about the islands of the Aegean Sea

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