A man arrested for “target shooting” near the Hill Kumora Visitors Center

Police arrested a man practicing shooting and accidentally beat a building near a popular New York historic site owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Michael R. Bushart, 23, from Fairport, NY, was arrested in connection with the Wednesday incident. Taken near the Hill Kumora Visitors Center According to Manchester State Highway 21 New York Police News Release..

State police were dispatched to the Hill Kumora Visitors Center on Wednesday at 5:45 pm after a bullet hit the window of the apartment. The soldiers were on the scene with the Deputy Ontario County Sheriff when the additional shots were fired.

After an investigation, police found Bushat to be a “target shot” from farmland west of the Hirkumora Visitors Center, and the news release said it “unintentionally attacked the building.” Finger Lakes Daily News report.

View of farmland west of the top of Hill Kumora in Manchester, New York. Police arrested a man on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, for target shooting and accidental collision with a building near the Hirkmora Visitors Center.

Trent Toone, Deseret News

“There was a subject in a nearby area firing a non-malicious weapon,” said Major Brian Ratazizak of the New York State Police Department. ABC13 in New York.. “He is in custody, but he does not appear to be intentionally firing at the building’s facilities.”

Bushat was charged with reckless danger, a first-class felony. Police also issued a search warrant and seized a number of long guns. Bushart was charged on Friday morning and he was released after being placed under pretrial supervision.

According to media reports, there were about 75 people in the center at the time of the shoot, including a large group of bus trips. Visitors and residents evacuated there until they were able to evacuate to another location. The blockade was lifted at 11:00 pm on Wednesday. No injuries have been reported.

A significant number of law enforcement agencies have responded to the case, including NYSP Aviation, Ontario County Sheriff, Wayne County Sheriff, Department of Environmental Conservation Police, FBI, and ATF.

Police will continue to investigate, according to a news release.

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