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A man arrested for the murder of a guard in Qatar-Doha News

One source told Doha News that the shooter was rebuked by police within minutes of the attack.

Security guards in a residential complex in Doha’s Alwarb district were shot dead late Wednesday night. It was alleged that he requested a youth ID when he entered the country, and the residents on the premises informed him of it. Doha News..

According to witnesses, the shooter was a young Qatari man trying to enter the premises with a female passenger in the same car, but was denied entry by security guards because he did not show his ID.

The murderer reportedly left the premises by car before returning to shoot the guards. The victims are believed to have been Sri Lankans, and witnesses say he and his colleagues were shot multiple times.

Based on various testimonies by witnesses and residents, the former died on the scene and the other guard was taken to the hospital.

Images disseminated on social media about the incident.

Doha News I contacted the Sri Lankan embassy in Qatar, but declined to comment.

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There was a heavy police presence on the scene late Wednesday evening, and helicopters were seen floating in the air.One resident said Doha News She wasn’t allowed to go home for a few hours.

according to Doha News Police were able to arrest the shooter almost immediately after the attack, and he is currently being referred to the public prosecutor’s office, according to sources.The same source said Doha News The gun used by the attacker is unlicensed and an investigation is currently underway on how the attacker obtained the weapon.

According to one of the compound’s residents, the guards who died were three fathers and were to return to their homeland later this year as his contract was nearing the end.

The local community is currently raising funds to support the victim’s family.

Gunshot violence in Doha is so rare that the shooting on Wednesday attracted a lot of people’s attention.

Earlier this week, Qatar’s capital was ranked as the second safest city in the world after Abu Dhabi. Numbeo’s “2022 City Crime Index” report. It covers a total of 459 cities around the world.


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