A man attacks his ex-wife with acid.Domestic violence in Greece is almost daily

A 50-year-old man lurked in his 49-year-old ex-wife and attacked her with an acidic liquid. The victim is hospitalized with severe burns to one eye. In just four days, it is her fourth case of violence against women in Greece.

The attack occurred in Messini, in the western Peloponnese, as the victim was walking to work early Wednesday morning.

The assailant approached the woman and pressed a liquid-soaked cloth to her mouth and nose. He then poured a bottle of liquid in her face and fled the scene.

The victim recognized him even though he was wearing a mask.

Later in the afternoon, the assailant visited the woman in the hospital and was arrested by police officers.

A mother of four children has been admitted to Kalamata General Hospital, where she is being closely monitored by doctors concerned about her eye injury. The next few hours depend on her being able to maintain her sight. She also has injuries on her face.

After his arrest, the man told police he got the liquid at a supermarket.

This substance has been identified as hydrochloric acid.

The couple had separated seven years ago, but the man pressured the victim to reunite, local media reported.

The perpetrator claimed that his ex-wife was having financial problems and was furious about the debt.

It was the second incident of violence against women in Greece in a day and the fourth since Sunday.

on the island of Itaki, a 32-year-old man was arrested for punching his 27-year-old partner. The incident happened Wednesday morning at an island park. It was a Coast Guard member who heard the victim’s cries. Although she initially denied her violent incident, her guards insisted and took her to her health center. There, doctors identified several bruises on the victim’s body. The man confessed to being abused by his partner, saying “it’s normal to hit a woman,” state broadcaster ERT said.

The day before, 34-year-old male threatened to kill Driver and his 26-year-old partner Volos on sunday. The victim fled the attack and turned himself in to the police station. The man was arrested and given a 14-month suspended sentence, at a police station where he was released two days later. The victim was horrified for her life and asked the authorities for protection because the man had been abusive in the past. But it was the intervention of the Deputy Minister for Labor and Social Affairs that provided victims with a safe haven in a structure for abused women. The victim is the mother of a young child. The man claimed he happened to have a screwdriver to fix things in the house when his partner got out of control.

on monday Thessaloniki, 37 year old male beat his ex-partner who was five months pregnant. The man was arrested.

domestic violence and murder of a woman Infectious diseases by current or former partners have developed into a new pandemic alongside Covid-19 and have become a major social problem in the last two and a half years.

The government remains unresponsive to calls from women’s groups and society for new laws and reforms to help victims. A man attacks his ex-wife with acid.Domestic violence in Greece is almost daily

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