A man commits sexual atrocities to his 12-year-old daughter …

Magistrates’ Court.

Nassau | The father was accused of forcing her into pleasure while pointing a gun at her 12-year-old daughter’s head and taking pictures, and was paid $ 7,500 on bail yesterday.

A 43-year-old woman whose name was withheld to protect her child’s identity was atrocities against her child, a deadly weapon attack, the creation of child pornography, and his in front of Prime Minister Joyan Ferguson Pratt. Faced with the crime of possession of child pornography in the placement. .. He has been acquitted and will return to court for trial on 16 November.

The accusation stems from an alleged incident at Defendant’s New Providence House on April 6, 2022.

In response to a question from the court, the defendant said his daughter lived with him at the time of the case, but she has since been taken home.
He volunteered to have four other children.

Prosecutor Samantha Mia said the defendant had no prior conviction and, as a result, did not oppose bail.
But she demanded that he not contact the defendant.

As a condition of bail, Ferguson Pratt ordered the man to wear an ankle monitor and report to the Kuakuu Street Police Station on Thursday.

He is represented by Ian Cargill. A man commits sexual atrocities to his 12-year-old daughter …

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