A man imprisoned for 6 months for grabbing a teenager in her underwear in cork

A man in his thirties was imprisoned for six months after grabbing a teenager with his underwear while chatting with a friend during a lunch break from a school in Fermoy, Cork.

Kamil Simzak of Chapel Hill, Fermoy, Cork, appeared in the town’s district court on Friday and was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenager at Chapel Hill in Fermoy on February 7, this year.

Insp Tony Sullivan told the court that when Szymczak and another man approached them, the girl was absent from school with her two friends at Chapel Hill in Fermoy.

The girl turned her back on the two men. The victim was shocked when the 35-year-old defendant grabbed and pulled the top of the string underwear.

A local male teenager witnessed the incident and confronted two men. The girl and her friend returned to school, the injured cried in the bathroom and reported what had happened to her during the lunch break.

Attorney Kiaran O’Keefe said his client was under the influence of an addict at the time of the crime.

However, he emphasized that he never allowed the horrifying and sneaky behavior of a grown-up man against a teenage girl.

Mr. O’Keefe said his client wanted to register his “deep apology to the victims for any pain caused to her by his actions.”

“He admits that what he did to the young girl was wrong and terrible. In fact, no matter how old the victim was, it was an act to be blamed.”

He said his client had tried to deal with his alcohol and drug problems since he was detained in connection with the crime on the last February 8.

Mr O’Keefe said his client was aware of the seriousness of the crime.

“Awesome experience”

“It was a terrifying experience for a young girl sitting with her friends at Fermoy’s midday lunchtime.”

Inspector Sullivan said Szymczak had been convicted of a total of 26 cases of drug possession, robbery, assault, and criminal damage in the past. He showed that the accused had no previous guilty violations of sexual offenses.

Sentence judge Joan Carroll read a statement about the impact on victims of a teenage girl who had risen for 15 minutes to seriously review the document.

“This was a sexual assault on a young schoolgirl who went out with a friend at lunch. It was a shocking breach of her. The defendant by his actions stole her carefree rights. , And in doing so, he treated him most badly, “she said.

Insp Sullivan said Szymczak had been released on bail at the time of the crime on charges of assault, convicted by the Cork Circuit Criminal Court earlier this week and sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Judge Carroll said the proper verdict was one of six months, taking into account the guilty plea. The Polish citizen has been detained for three months, and the remaining three months will follow the 15-month sentence imposed on him by the Cork Circuit Court this week.

Judge Carroll also ordered Simzac’s name to be placed on the sex offender registration for 10 years, emphasizing that he “made a shocking mistake on an innocent girl.”

X A man imprisoned for 6 months for grabbing a teenager in her underwear in cork

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