A member of the airport authorities who went on strike demanded that he “return to work immediately.”

Robert Farkhason, Minister Bell, Morgan Graham

Approximately 57 staff members of the Bahamas Nassau-New Providence airport authorities and 170 members of the Family Islands, members of the BPSU, did not report to the regular shift on Monday morning, July 18. The same morning, Ministry of Labor, Minister of Labor and Immigration, Hong. Keith Bell said: Airport authorities’ management apparently has a copy of the voice memo from BPSU president Kimsley Ferguson and has instructed BPSU members employed by the airport authorities to go. Go to the doctor, get a certificate of illness for 5 days and “lock down the place”.

At 8:12 am this morning, Mr. Ferguson was advised by Labor Director Robert Ferckharson that the issue of trade disputes over payables payable to BPSU members hired by airport authorities had been referred to the Industrial Court. I did. Such industrial activity by BPSU, including planned sick outs, may be considered illegal. In the conversation, Mr. Ferguson acknowledged the advice from Director Ferck Harson.

Minister Bell continued: “In line with the government’s commitment to develop partnerships with all trade unions,” we urge all members of the BPSU participating in this illegal strike to return to work immediately. ” Unresolved issues.

On July 27, 2020, Minister Bell issued a strike certificate to the Bahama Public Services Union (BPSU) for members employed by airport authorities in accordance with Article 20 (3) of the Labor Relations Act. It was revealed that it was issued. Bahamas statue method 321.

On February 27, 2021, the Minister of Labor referred the dispute to the Bahamas Industrial Court in accordance with Article 76 of the Labor Relations Act. As a result of this referral, BPSU members were required to comply with the provisions of Section 77 (1) of the Act, including:

“Employees must not strike, employers must not declare lockouts, and unions of members of the executive committees of other union governing bodies call strikes as a result of a labor dispute. You must not declare a lockout or lockout. The action taken in connection with the dispute is pending in the Court of Appeals. “

Based on the above, in my position as Minister of Labor, I told members of the Bahamas Public Services Union that the planned sick-out resulted in an illegal strike as a result of BPSU members not reporting on their normal duties. Formally advise. Read the following in accordance with the provisions of Article 77 (2) of the Labor Relations Law.

“Anyone who violates the provisions of subsection (1) shall be guilty and liable for a brief prosecution.”

  1. For employees, a fine of up to $ 200, imprisonment of up to 3 months, or both such a fine and imprisonment.
  2. For members of the union or executive committee or other governing bodies or employers of the union, fines of up to $ 10,000 and imprisonment of up to two years or both such fines and imprisonment.

Minister Bell, as Minister of Labor, personally intervened in this issue with Director General Fark Harson and senior officers within my ministry, formally inviting the President of BPSU to the negotiating table for all open issues. Ready to settle in a friendly way. A member of the airport authorities who went on strike demanded that he “return to work immediately.”

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