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A military base hosting U.S. forces is under attack in Iraq, Syria

Katyusha rockets and indirect fire are targeting US troops stationed in Iraq’s Ambar state and eastern Syria, officials say.

Two armed drones were shot down at Baghdad Airport. This is an attack consistent with the anniversary of the 2020 US killing of top Iranian generals. (AP)

Iraq’s military base, which hosts US troops in the capital of Ambal and Baghdad in western Iraq, is Katyusha in Syria, while eight rounds of indirect fires land in the base with members of a US-led coalition. The rocket struck, Iraq and US troops said.

No casualties were reported in three attacks on Wednesday, part of a series that began on Monday, the anniversary of the US airstrike that killed Iran’s top general Kasim Soleimani in Baghdad two years ago.

According to Iraqi officers, an Iraqi base containing US troops in western Ambar was attacked by five Katyusha rockets on Wednesday night. The other three rockets fell outside the parameters of the base.

Police officers, who spoke on condition of regulatory anonymity, said US-led coalition forces at the base were forced into shelters by barrage.

There were no immediate comments from the coalition in Iraq to support the fight against the Daesh terrorist group.

Syrian attack

In eastern Syria, the round, in the presence of a small coalition adviser, struck a base run by US-backed Syrian Democratic Army militants. The coalition stated in a statement that there was minor damage.

According to a statement, intelligence-based Allied forces fired six cannons at the starting point of the attack, just outside the eastern town of Maya Dean, home of Iran-backed fighters.

“Iran-backed malicious attackers fired from within civilian infrastructure without considering civilian safety,” the statement said. It said a few hours ago, US-led coalition forces observed several launch sites near a base known as the Green Village. The Allies added that they had conducted several strikes to eliminate the threat.

Iraqi U.S. Army

Iran-backed militias wanted to expel all US troops out of the country, and many believed it would happen by the end of the year.

Two armed drones were shot down on Monday at a facility at Baghdad Airport that houses US advisers. Two drones loaded with explosives targeting an Iraqi military base containing US troops in western Ambar were destroyed on Tuesday.

The 2020 US drone strike at the airport in Baghdad was carried out by Iran’s top general Kasem Soleimani, who was the head of the elite Kudforce, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandi, the deputy commander of Iraq’s Iranian support militia known as the popular mobilization army. Killed Su.

Iraq’s pro-Iranian faction has vowed revenge for the killings and conditioned on the end of the attack on Iraq’s presence, subject to the complete withdrawal of US troops in Iraq.

The US-led coalition officially ended its combat mission to support Iraqi troops in an ongoing battle with the Daesh group last month. Approximately 2,500 troops will remain while the coalition shifts to an advisory mission to continue supporting Iraqi troops.

Source: AP

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