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The brunch is fine. It’s sociable. It’s exciting. It’s definitely leisure time, so one of the busiest chefs in the world chooses a one-day as well-two-day brunch at his hit restaurant Marcus in Bahamar, with the most fascinating and fascinating personality. It’s no wonder. Fish + Chophouse.

A year after his beautiful debut at the beachfront restaurant of the same name, chef Marcus Samuelsson announced a Saturday and Sunday brunch at Marcus.

The chef himself believes that it is important to relax and enjoy the brunch offering, especially after people have been away for a long time due to a pandemic.

“Branch is one of the things that invites moms, aunts, and sociables. You can sit and celebrate for a few hours. You don’t have to hurry and rush back. That’s why you come back together. It’s a fun festival to come and I think it’s one of the most important meals. “

Samuelson himself was one of the few lucky people to have the opportunity to enjoy the fun sound of the encore band while enjoying the initial preview of the Marcus Branch offer when he made the round.

I understand that some tweaks will be made in time for the official start this weekend, but during the preview I found a combination of the restaurant’s classic menu and breakfast favorites.

Classic touches and whimsical dishes were served in two towers instead of one. Brunch chicken towers (biscuits, red velvet waffles, crispy birds, snail croquettes, bacon and eggs) – and it works for all generations. Both towers have a little bit of everything.

Samuelson describes the tower as fun for everyone.

The chef, who takes fried chicken seriously, combines birds with red velvet waffles, fried plantains and spicy hot honey. Yes, please! It’s delicious when you put pickles on it and sprinkle it with spicy honey, but when you eat a bite of sweet plantain, its splendor comes to light. Then you can’t get enough.

I also chose oysters from a raw menu using passion fruit periperi. We also chose a hibiscus minyonet that wasn’t a regular minyonet and made a great difference.

Paradise Coconut Tart is a sophisticated version of the Bahamian classic dessert, ending a wonderful but laid-back introduction to Marcus’ brunch with ganache of sky juice, benny pralines and sour sour sorbet.

I would be disappointed if I didn’t offer to order a luxurious truffle macaroni and cheese, all of which are delicious with truffle funk. (I love truffles.) It definitely fascinates you.

Among the starters on the brunch menu is Samuelson’s signature corn bread. This is another must-have snail croquette with curry remoulade and pickles.

In addition to the tower, the main exhibit includes fried chicken with passion fruit periperi. Crispy potatoes, steak and eggs. French toast with sweet plantain compote. Marcus Burger (a special short rib and brisket blend); Eskovich, hot honey and garlic aioli chicken sandwich. Sourdough toast with smoked jerk pork, eggs and belbereo hollandaise sauce.

Marcus corn bread.

Strawberry shortcake with strawberry confit, sweet prosecco and basil syrup. Cheesecake mousse lemon curd with raspberry coulis, popular Sunday AF (brioche donuts, bell veil peanut caramel corn strawberry sorbet, coconut sorbet, fudge sauce, chocolate sauce, shanti cream) are also introduced to satisfy sweet teeth increase.

Samuelson describes his brunch as “special.” He says there aren’t many places to offer beautiful sea views, music and food.

“We offer live music, great views, great hospitality and food. We are proud of the whole team.”

Sunday is driven by gospel music, but Saturday is a bit more soulful pop with fun classical music. When enjoying brunch, Samuelson recommends not only eating brunch, but also taking the time to go out to the pier to take pictures and enjoy it.

“The experience is really around society. Even if you walk around the accommodation, the whole meal is built over time, so I think this is very special. Beaches, local music, and food. There are not many places where we can provide. “

AF on Sunday.

Before the brunch, Bahamar Fish + Chop House Marcus is already celebrating the chef’s passion for flavor, from Bahama ingredients and local seafood to sharing the latest take on comfort food staples. Was known.

Marcus chef Garrett Bowshev said the introduction of the brunch was exciting for her.

“This is what we’ve been trying to get going on since it opened last year, and I’m really excited to see it bear fruit. It’s exciting to reach this day. “Bowe said. A mix of classic and whimsical-Nassau Guardian

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