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A motion of no confidence was submitted to FM after the grill

By BIzzak

Kuwait: Yesterday, ten lawmakers filed a motion of no confidence against Foreign Minister Sharif Sheikhmad Nacelle al-Saber after Grill, who denied allegations of wasting public funds and failing to perform his duties. Speaker of the House Marzouq Al-Ghanem said he received a motion of no confidence signed by the MP and that the motion will be voted on February 16.

At the beginning of the debate, the government emphasized that the grill was unconstitutional because it was talking about general subjects rather than specific issues, but the minister still accepted to face grill. MPShuaib Al-Muwaizri, who submitted the grill, claimed that the grill was constitutional and accused the Foreign Ministry of committing the most violations of the ministries. He claimed that millions of dinars were wasted by foreign ministries and Kuwaiti missions.

Mr. Mwaizli also argued that the ministry ignored the request from the Audit Department and did not provide documents related to expenses from some embassies, preventing the Department from inspecting those expenses. Lawmakers added that senior ministry officials had signed a $ 10 million contract with a private company, but they were not authorized to sign such a contract, but some embassies wereted millions of dollars.

Mwaizli showed a video of a party featuring “immoral behavior” in a house rented by a Kuwaiti diplomat. He also claimed that some Kuwaiti embassies did not meet their obligations to provide the necessary services to Kuwaiti citizens.

However, the minister denied the allegations, noting that he did not identify any act of wasting public funds, adding that if these allegations were true, he should have reported the case to the prosecutor. He recalled the ministry’s role in returning approximately 12,000 Kuwaiti who were stranded abroad after the coronavirus pandemic.

Sheikh Ahmad also denied that the ministry was unable to protect Kuwait’s political and security interests abroad, adding that this obligation is not solely the foreign ministry. Prime Minister Mwaizli commented on the minister’s response, saying the minister did not explicitly respond to any accusations, adding that the issue of the transfer of public funds to foreign countries was still ongoing and the ministry could not address it.

24MP support is required to pass a motion of no confidence. If you approve the motion, you will dismiss the minister. However, looking at the opposition situation, it will be difficult to secure the necessary vote support.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/no-confidence-motion-filed-against-fm-after-grilling/ A motion of no confidence was submitted to FM after the grill

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