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A motion of no confidence was submitted to the Minister of Defense

By BIzzak

Kuwait: Defense Sheikh Hamad Javert al-Ali al-Saber after grilling yesterday that 10 opposition lawmakers denied allegations that they did not deal with a series of violations and made a decision to admit females. He submitted a distrust resolution to the minister. army. Speaker of the House Marzouq Al-Ghanem said after the grill debate, he received a distrust resolution and a vote for the motion would take place on January 26.

To vote for him absent, the opposition needs the support of 24 members. This is a simple majority of elected members, except for ministers who cannot vote for a vote of no confidence. If 24 members support the motion, the minister will be automatically dismissed.

Opponent parliamentarian Hamdan Al-Azemi accused the minister of ignoring legal and religious considerations when a decision was made a few months ago to allow Kuwaiti women to participate in military service. Emphasized some fatwa or Islamic orders banning them from joining the army. ..

Approximately 81% of Kuwaiti women refused to join the military and 89% of women in the tribal area of ​​Jahra refused the decision, based on a survey by an agency accredited by the government and the University of Kuwait. Said.

The minister said 34 Islamic countries are accepting women in the military, some of which allow women to carry weapons. But he said he had decided to postpone the decision until the Islamic Ministry of Affairs issued a fatwa on this issue. He said he would decide whether to proceed or abandon the decision based on the fatwa.

MP Azemi also accused the minister of failing to handle the issue of multi-billion dollar transactions to buy 28 Eurofighter fighters, claiming transaction fees were reported to be over 450 million euros. And the minister added that he approved the sale of fighters in Malaysia. Lawmakers said the ministry was unable to respond to 95 percent of the statements made by the Audit Office regarding the breach.

He also argued that Congress could have a larger budget breach than suspected military fund breach, and a 6.2 billion KD weapon approved by a house that later agreed to add 3 billion KD. He said he didn’t know much about the budget. Caracal transactions and Malaysia’s financial problems. Azemi accused the minister of failing to replace expatriates and said the ministry had nearly 4,000 expatriates for just 2,600 Kuwaitians.

Defense Minister said Grill contained several unconstitutional violations, continued to fight corruption, and sent all issues related to the Eurofighter issue to prosecutors, anti-corruption agencies, and investigative commissions. Insisted. He sent a weapons budget statement to Congress in September and said there was a delay before he took office. The minister said the Cabinet did not approve the € 485 million fee reported in the Eurofighter transaction. Parliament will meet today to discuss regular issues.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/no-confidence-motion-filed-against-defense-minister/ A motion of no confidence was submitted to the Minister of Defense

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