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A national state of emergency declared in Kazakhstan as protests escalated

This development took place when protesters in the capital of Kazakhstan attacked the presidential residence and the mayor’s office and set fire to both buildings.

Thousands of demonstrators also tried to break into Almaty’s Prime Minister’s Office. (AP)

Kazakhstan declared a state of emergency nationwide after seeing protests against soaring fuel prices plunge into clashes and demonstrators attacking government buildings.

Russian news agencies Interfax, TASS and RIA Novosti reported their development on Wednesday citing Kazakhstan television.

The state of emergency was previously imposed on the epicenter of the rally, the financial capital Almaty, Mangystau Region, and the capital Nur-Sultan.

Protesters in Kazakhstan’s largest city raided the presidential residence and mayor’s office on Wednesday, setting fire to both buildings.

Police fired at some protesters at the presidential residence before fleeing.

They recently repeatedly collided with demonstrators and deployed water cannons, tear gas, and grenades in sub-zero weather.

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Severe measures

The government resigned in response to anxiety, and the president vowed to take strict steps to quell it.

Perhaps in the first effort, Kazakh news sites became inaccessible later that day, and global surveillance organization Netblocks said the country was experiencing widespread Internet power outages.

Protests began with nearly doubling the price of liquefied gas, which is widely used as vehicle fuel, but the magnitude and rapid spread of anxiety reflects broader dissatisfaction with countries under the same control. The party since independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 suggesting that it is.

Kazakhstan, the ninth largest country in the world, borders Russia in the north and China in the east, and has abundant strategically and economically important oil reserves.

Despite their reserves and mineral wealth, some parts of the country are strongly dissatisfied with poor living conditions.

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The official residence was attacked

Many Kazakhs are also rubbing control of the ruling party, which occupies more than 80 percent of parliamentary seats.

Hours after thousands of demonstrators gathered outside Almaty’s presidential residence, Russian Tass news agency said it was firing and some demonstrators were trying to break in using firearms. I reported.

Police fled the dwelling after shooting the demonstrators, according to reports submitted by Kazakhstan.

According to previous reports by Kazakh media, many of the demonstrators gathered in the mayor’s office had clubs and shields. Tass later said the building was in flames.

The protests began on Sunday in Zhanaozen. Zhanaozen was outraged by the government following a 2011 oil worker strike where police shot and killed at least 15 people.

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