A new cure for a potentially deadly dog ​​disease comes from Slovakia

June 29, 22 18:20 Me Premium content

According to scientists, treatment prevents the disease from recurring.

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People in Slovakia call the disease “bloody pee” because its initial symptom is dark red urine. This serious disease in dogs due to the parasites spread by ticks is called babesiosis. It can be life-threatening.

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In Slovakia, cases of this disease have increased in recent years, including those with entirely new causes, such as parasites that were previously undiscovered in the country or appeared only sporadically. Today, it is occurring more frequently due to various factors such as climate change, open markets, and migration.

New parasites are responsible for more severe illnesses that are resistant to conventional treatments.

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Scientists at the Institute of Parasitology at the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the College of Veterinary Pharmacy in Kosice have developed new and effective treatments for the more severe Babesiosis.

It completely eliminates parasites in the dog’s blood and prevents the disease from recurring, scientists say.

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