A prisoner was shot dead at a gas station

According to police, a prisoner who was commuting as a pump clerk was shot dead at a Rubis gas station on McKee Street shortly after 11:00 am yesterday.

Michael Johnson, Assistant Commissioner, head of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, said:

“Then the man walked away and ran away. Contact the nearest police station or CID (502-9992 / 3) to the general public who may have seen something in the area. ) Please contact. “

The suspect’s video was distributed on WhatsApp shortly after the killing. A man can be seen walking east on Piflom Road, holding a pistol near his chest.

According to Johnson, the victim, believed to be in his forties, was working at a gas station as part of the Bahamas Correctional Bureau’s work program.

He said the incident was a concern, especially given the recent surge in murders.

“Any murder is definitely a concern for police,” he said.

“As you know, we have a strategy. We have a very successful operation, Casefire, in the last few weeks.”

Mr Johnson said police officers were still “standing up” on the streets.

He asked the general public to be cautious and attentive to their surroundings.

So far, there have been 52 murders annually.

22 of them were reported only in March.

Recent trends have led Prime Minister Phil Davis to hold criminal conclaves with police and other stakeholders. Police later announced several new initiatives, including saturated patrols and the creation of new task forces.

But according to Shannendon Cartwright, Deputy Leader of the Free National Movement, more needs to be done.

“This kind of scene is becoming too frequent in the Bahamas,” he told reporters at the murder scene.

“In our country, where the usual peace and tranquility that the Bahamian people have become accustomed to continues to be threatened, it is becoming a very debilitating factor.”

Opposition parties are pressing the government to show a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue, but said they do not want the crime issue to be a political issue, Cartwright said.

He said everyone had to head together to deal with it.

“This is happening so often that I’m sure the citizens of the Bahamas are worried because it’s going on,” Cartwright said.

“For the past few weeks, the Royal Bahamas police have done a great job of removing some artillery weapons from the streets, which is great.

“We continue to admire the efforts of the Royal Bahamas Police, but we must unite as a nation to understand how to deal with this problem, which continues to paralyze us in so many ways. Must be. “ A prisoner was shot dead at a gas station

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