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A prominent Kuwaiti writer delves into Kuwait’s history with a new book

Kuwait: Dr. Suad Mohammad al-Saba, a prominent Kuwaiti writer and poet, wrote of “Saba al-Awal (first ruler 1718-1776) and Abdullah al-Awal (second ruler 1776-1814). We have published a new book entitled “The Founding of Kuwait of the Times”. ‘. Dr. Suad shed light on the time when the foundation for the establishment of the modern Kuwaiti nation was laid, and that some of its ancestors moved from Najd, Saudi Arabia to Kuwait, where they formed a different society from Bedouin, Saudi Arabia. I will talk. Iraqi agricultural community.

She tells how Utub designated Sheikh Sabah Al-Awal as a ruling. Note that based on Shura and consensus, Kuwait was born as an independent entity, and the rulers practiced governance without foreign influence. Sheikh Sabah al-Awal skillfully adopted a balance policy to deal with foreign powers so as not to interfere with the Kuwaiti internal affairs.

In the 18th century, her book states that Kuwait became prominent for political stability and the development of trade. During this period, several tribes moved to settle there. Trade at that time expanded widely, and Kuwaiti traders reached out to sea efforts on the coasts of India and Africa. —KUNA

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/eminent-kuwaiti-writer-digs-deep-into-kuwaits-history-in-new-book/ A prominent Kuwaiti writer delves into Kuwait’s history with a new book

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