A quarter of HNWI investors considering NFTs

More than a quarter of HNWI investors have included NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, in their portfolio this year, according to a study by leading financial advisory and fintech.

The poll conducted by the deVere Group is Momentum Surrounding the new digital asset class.

NFTs are digital assets of images, audio clips, or GIFs, and their ownership is recorded in a tamper-proof digital ledger called the blockchain.

For example, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One will launch the first in a series of NFT drops.

The team presents 11 digital art NFTs featuring Mercedes-AMG Petronas cars created and designed by artist Mad Dog Jones.Three of them Can be auctioned At the long-awaited Miami Grand Prix this weekend.

According to a deVere poll, more than a quarter of the more than 450 HNWI clients surveyed, with more than £ 1 million in investable assets, or 26%, will include NFTs in their investments by the end of 2022. I answered that I am considering.

“The topic of NFT, this exciting new Digital asset classThe pace is on the rise, “said Nigel Green, CEO and founder of deVere.

“As major sports franchises, fashion brands, renowned artists and musicians enter the market, more and more investors around the world understand and appreciate the potential of NFTs.”

According to Green, high net worth investors admit that the digital representation of the physical things people love has inherent value, so research reveals that they want some of the action. rice field.

“They also know what NFTs are creating business modelIt’s more profitable and rewarding, especially in the creative, sports and entertainment fields. “


But for the vast majority of investors, it may be about diversification.

“Proper diversification of portfolios across asset classes, sectors, regions and currencies is the best way for investors to mitigate risk and position themselves to seize opportunities when risk is presented.” Green explained.

“NFTs have a very low correlation with other assets such as stocks and bonds, which reduces the overall risk of the portfolio and Volatility level.. “

Earlier this year, deVere launched its own NFT platform, dV Gems, to give investors access to this new digital asset class, and Nigel Green will allow investors around the world to enter into this new ecosystem. He explained that he was eager to bet on our claims.

“There is a great opportunity for people to participate in the creation of digital financial architecture.”

“This trend is expected to continue to grow as the number of investors who own constant and exchangeable digital assets, provide valuable stores and potentially provide a decent source of revenue. We do, “concludes de Vere.

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