A railroad vehicle contract was signed when Maya Train obtained another injunction.

A court in Merida, Yucatan has issued another provisional suspension order against the construction of the Maya Railroad in Quintana Roo.

A second injunction against the Cancun-Tulum section of the 1,500-kilometer route was granted to the Cancun-based environmental group Defendiendo el Derecho a un Medio Ambiente Sano or DMAS. rice field.

The court previously issued a provisional suspension order Maya jungles, caves, underground rivers, and Cenote (Natural sinkhole) Environmental research and lack of permission.. The decision on whether the order should be decisive will be communicated on May 13.

In the second proceeding, DMAS alleged that the project violated constitutional rights for due process and a healthy environment.

“They say it without it Cenote There is no paradise. A project must not exist without an environmental impact process. “

There is great opposition to the southern part of the Kintanarrow section of the railroad that runs between Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

Federal government I changed the route Earlier this year, the Playa del Carmen business community moved the section inland after complaining about construction through the heart of a coastal resort city. The jungle has already been cleared Causes both protests due to the construction of the railroad tracks At the scene of deforestation When online..

Maria Luisa Arboles, Minister of the Environment Approved on Monday Its definitive environmental approval has not been granted to the Cancun-Tulum section and the other three sections of the US $ 10 billion project. Law Issued by President Lopez Obrador in November, it permits work to proceed with only provisional approval.

The government is determined to overcome some previous injunctions issued to the railroad and complete the project next year.

Its most prominent supporter, Lopez Obrador, signed a contract on Monday to purchase 42 trains for the railroad. Sightseeing, commuting and freight services pass through Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Chiapas on this train.

The train, which consists of a total of 210 rail cars, will be manufactured in Mexico by Alstom, a French company that acquired Bombardier Transportation, a Canadian and German rail transport maker, earlier last year.

“Twenty years ago, we signed a contract with Bombardier. We are now affiliated with Alstom, buying 45 trains and 400 cars at Mexico City Metro. Today we are the same company. I have signed a contract with Lopez Obrador to buy 210 42 trains for the Maya train, “Lopez Obrador wrote on Twitter and Facebook.

“Construction is taking place at Ciudad Sahagún and will be done in the future. [Hidalgo]I’m always thinking about hiring Mexicans, “said the president.

Federal government announced almost a year Previously, a consortium, including Alstom, was the winning bidder in the international bidding process for acquiring Mayatrain railroad vehicles and rail systems. The consortium has submitted a bid of 36.6 billion pesos (US $ 1.8 billion) to supply the railway system and 42 trains.

Alstom was part of the consortium that built Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro System. Part of it collapsed A year ago today, it caused an accident that claimed the lives of 26 people. Another member of the consortium was Carlos Slim’s Carso Infrastructure and Construction, which is building Section 2 of the Maya Train.

In the report from Mirenio A railroad vehicle contract was signed when Maya Train obtained another injunction.

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