A replica of the new Viking Ship to be launched at the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum this weekend

On Saturday, May 7, 2022, the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum will launch a replica of the new Viking Ship.

This ship is a modification of the original 1000 year old Skuldelev 3 ship.Celebration events Celebration of the Nordic clinker boat tradition on the UNESCO World List of Intangible Cultural Heritage..

The beautiful shape and bow that rises above the construction site in the middle of the museum makes the Skuldelev 3 ship a familiar sight to museum visitors.

Since 2017, shipbuilders have been working on ships 14 meters long each summer, with thousands of people shaping the ship, both as museum visitors and online around the world.

But this season marks the beginning of a new chapter on ships. With the launch on May 7, the careful work of the boat builder must withstand testing of the fjord’s water and weather conditions.

The newly built ship is a reconstruction of the original 1000-year-old cargo ship Skuldelev 3 and is on display in the Viking Ship Hall. This helps to provide unique new knowledge about the Viking ship in general.

Specific knowledge The Viking Ship Museum points out that it can only be earned by building and sailing such ships. Website.

It took five years to build a new ship, but it’s part of a much larger project dating back to 1982. This is not the first time the museum has made a full-scale reconstruction of the Skuldelev 3 vessel.

The first reconstruction of the Skuldelev 3 ship “Roar Ege” was the first Viking ship built at the Viking Ship Museum. Construction took place between 1982 and 1984, marking the beginning of the core process of the museum’s research activities over time. An experimental archaeological reconstruction of ships and boat discoveries.

May 7th launch and next steps

Skuldelev 3 will be launched on May 7th and will row on the same day on its maiden voyage at Roskilde Fjord. It will take some time for the ship to be fully equipped and ready to raise its sails.

Once the ship is equipped, the next stage of archaeological experiments begins. The new ship goes through a series of controlled test voyages to determine the navigation characteristics of the ship and examine the differences in handling of the new reconstruction compared to Roar Ege.

A new voluntary boat association will be established to maintain and sail the ship over the next few years. And the Boat Association has many exciting new experiences that have never been completed in the reconstruction of a Viking ship.

Among other things, the new vessel will be tested on different types of cargo (from barrels with fish to live sheep), just as the original Skuldelev 3 vessel was used. Thus, a new and exciting chapter on the museum’s Viking-era ships and ship exploration is about to begin, Viking Herald Write.

The launch will take place outdoors at the Museumsøen shipyard and will be free for visitors on May 7th.

Source: #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayTravel

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