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A research project launched to make it possible

Crown Estate in England, Wales and Northern Ireland said Wednesday that it has invested more than £ 12 million in a new research project aimed at making it possible. Coexistence of a prosperous marine environment and offshore wind farms.

Led by the Government of Natural England, the Scottish Government and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, this project is provided and supported by many other public, private and charitable organizations, Crown Estate. Crown Estate manages half of the seabed and foreshore around Wales, England. Said Northern Ireland.

“They investigate a wide range of environmental issues, identify gaps in evidence, and are key decision makers on how offshore wind deployments, in combination with other activities, affect marine habitats and wildlife. Gaining a better understanding among others will inform you how positive changes can be implemented together. Ensure that UK offshore wind opportunities are maximized while preserving and strengthening marine biodiversity. I will do it. “

The structure of the project is as follows.

Poseidon (Planning Offshore Wind Strategic Environmental Impact Determination) – A four-year project led by Natural England will improve knowledge of environmental risks across the UK waters and provide tools for future offshore wind planning.
Preparation (Predators and prey around renewable energy development) – A four-year partnership led by the Scottish Government’s Directorate General of Marine Scotland and co-sponsored by Crown Estate Scotland. This will help you better understand how seabirds, marine mammals and fish react to offshore wind farms.
Remote tracking of seabirds in the ocean – The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds will use new tracking technology over a five-year period to bridge significant knowledge gaps in the movement and population of seabirds such as puffins and black-legged kittiwakes.

Crown Estate has provided evidence and modification programs for offshore wind power in collaboration with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Areas (Defra), in collaboration with Welsh, Scotland. Said that. Representatives of the Government of Northern Ireland, regulators, NGOs, and a wide range of industries who play a role in planning the future of offshore wind.

So far, according to Crown Estate, 25 projects have been funded, 3 have been completed, 13 are underway, collecting data and evidence to help find busy undersea spaces, and offshore wind. Gain a better understanding of how it affects the environment and habitats. It informs you of your decisions and understanding of providing environmental benefits and compensation.

“Crown Estate is committed to protecting and strengthening biodiversity in all areas of its activities. This program helps increase productivity, increase value and deepen the overall understanding of the ocean floor. , Is part of Crown Estate’s extensive investment in marine spatial data and evidence.

“Last year, Crown Estate conducted an important resource area study to determine where the future potential of both fixed and floating winds is. Data and insights from this study are offshore wind. Informed conversations about the sustainable growth of the industry. Ocean data exchange is another tool used to share data and facilitate evidence-based decisions. The first tool of this kind is He said, holding offshore survey data collected by Crown Estate customers throughout the project, helping them make better choices in the future.

Dan Lovebad
The Chief Executive Officer of Crown Estate said: “Protecting the natural world is more important than ever in the face of two crises: biodiversity loss and climate change. Offshore wind development for the long-term interests of the country. A key role in helping to protect our precious marine environment while shaping, innovating, informing and enabling.

“This investment, offered in collaboration with expert stakeholders, supports both government and industry in making the best decisions to pave the way for Net Zero, in harmony with sound harmony. The latest example of our ongoing commitment to providing world-class data and evidence. The Sea of ​​Biodiversity. “

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