A school officer in Wisconsin knelt around the student’s neck.Students are billed

March, Dezalet News In Wisconsin, a school employee reported a case in which a 12-year-old student kneeled on the neck to detain her during a battle in the school cafeteria.The student is currently being charged with chaotic behavior, her lawyer reported. CNN..

what’s new? “A petition for juvenile delinquency has been filed against Jane Doe in Kinosha County,” said student lawyer Drew Devini. CNN.. Since the student is a minor, her identity and legal documents in the case are largely confidential.

  • Kenosha Police Station CNN The accusations of that chaotic act were given to both students involved in the fight.
  • Devini said CNN “The girl was offered a’diversion’, which she said” would have had to admit an unacceptable suspicion. ” Because she is not guilty. ”

what happened? As before Dezalet News Two students from Kenosha, Wisconsin, reportedly were involved in a battle in the school cafeteria in March.

  • Off-duty school officers intervened in the battle and separated the students. The policeman brawled with Jane Doe, and eventually put his knees around his neck and held him on the ground for about 25 seconds. After that, she was handcuffed and accompanied by a police officer.
  • The officer resigned from school in March, but is said to be still employed by the Kenosha police station. CNN..

Overall picture: Strangler fig detention became illegal in Wisconsin in 2021. Associated Press report.

  • The detention used by Wisconsin police on students is compared to how Derek Chauvin detained George Floyd, who died in 2020. Dezalet News..

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https://www./u-s-world/2022/5/13/23069321/kenosha-wisconsin-officer-kneels-students-neck-george-floyd-derek-chauvin A school officer in Wisconsin knelt around the student’s neck.Students are billed

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