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A single application common to all scientific fellowships, grants and scholarships

New Delhi: Zitendra Singh, who presides over a high-level meeting of the Ministry of Science and all ministry ministers and is the Allied Minister of State for Science, Technology, Earth Sciences, Nuclear and Space, has a single application common to all science fellowships and grants. I proposed a book. And scholarships.

Therefore, there are committees to streamline fellowships and research grants.

The rationalization of fellowships and research grants not only saves money and time, but also provides a fair space for all individuals and helps students and scholars achieve “ease of science education.” Shin said at a meeting attended by the Council on Wednesday, Shekhar Mande, Secretary-General of the Science and Industry Research (CSIR) and Chairman of the Rationalization Committee; Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, M. Rabbi Chandran; Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), S. Chandra Sekar and Biotechnology Authority (DBT) Secretary, Rajesh Gocare, and senior official.

The Federal Minister currently offers scholarships or fellowships to students and researchers at various levels (schools, UG, PG, Ph) under the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES). Notified that there is a scheme. .D, postdoc, RA or re-entry from abroad). For example, CSIR and DBT both conduct individual exams for junior research fellowships, and similarly, DST, DBT, and CSIR have postdoc or research associations and re-entry schemes from abroad.

However, because all of these departments have separate advertising and interview or selection processes, students or researchers apply for different portals in different formats and face multiple exams or interviews that can lead to difficulties between students. is needed.

Not only is this situation time consuming for students, as announced by MoST, but it also puts a lot of time and resources into the process of choosing to pay grants by funding agencies.

Jitendra Singh recognized the challenges faced by students and endorsed the idea of ​​creating a single web interface that facilitates all scholarships and fellowships under MoST and MoES. The purpose is to make the scheme student-centric and simplify the process.

He said that once implemented, students do not have to submit multiple applications or different portals as all four departments integrate all scholarships or fellowship schemes into a single portal.

The Federal Minister has simplified and unified the process, provided a single point of contact for students and researchers, adopted a rapid process and timely liberation of fellowships, eliminated duplication, and synergized processes and schemes. Added steps such as effectiveness and reduction of transaction costs. It will be a major component of single-window opportunities for scholarships and fellowships.

Zitendra Singh said this was taken because of the delay in sanctions and the many complaints about fellowships to scholars and students and the release of research grants. In addition, all departments have their own systems and mechanisms for sanctioning and monitoring such fellowship grants.

The Commission for Rationalizing Fellowships and Research Grants is chaired by Shekhar Mande and is made up of DST, DBT, and MoES secretaries. Two senior scientists will also be members.

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