A small home repair initiative officially launched in the Grand Bahamas

Minister Lisa Ramming working under the Davis administration!

Minister Ramming is working hard to deliver small home repairs to injured families across the country!

Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas-The revolutionary small-scale housing renovation program was officially launched today in Grand Bahama on May 4, 2022, by Minister of Social Welfare and Urban Development Hong. Lisa Ramming.

In the announcement, Minister Ramming said he described the program as “revolutionary” because it included not only the roof repairs done by the previous administration, but also other aspects of the house. The minister said inspections of the applicant’s home showed that it was important for some necessary home repairs to go over the roof.

She said Grand Bahama and Abaco were hit by deadly hurricane dorians in 2019, and these areas will soon be in the spotlight. The funding being implemented is $ 2.6 million from the previous budget, which will be used until the new budget is implemented. The northern Bahamas team will be led by Senator Kirkland Russell, Deputy Director of the Urban Renewal / Grand Bahamas. Kyle Stuart, project manager. Rashema Delva, Building Inspector. And Ramadan Mackenzie, an inspector.

The team is on the island and is familiar with the problems they are facing. The Urban Renewal has accepted 2,500 applicants among Grand Bahamas, Abaco and Bimini. The Minister is patiently asking people as the process is carried out in two stages. With the chairman, the project manager, and all those people. As Minister of Urban Redevelopment, she continued. She doesn’t belong to any committee and can’t say anything about who has which contract or who’s home will be repaired.

“Know that it’s a fair process and that’s why we had two committees.” Minister Ramming said the Disaster Recovery Agency (DRA) is also implementing a home renovation project. But as a broader program, the DRA program is higher, although the urban redevelopment limit is currently $ 10,000.

Also attended was Stephen Dean, Chairman of the Urban Redevelopment Committee. He said his goal was to make people proud of their community. You don’t have to live in a particular area to make your house look good, so if you find that you need to repair the roof to strengthen other areas, work at home to provide paintings and landscaping. You can continue. And fencing. He said that if large-scale work was done, they would put up a sign that it was another project by urban redevelopment.

Dean added that they would hire a small contractor who might not have been working for some time. Qualifications include showing that you are a Bahamian, have a business license, have a tax compliance certificate, and prove that you have worked in the past.

“We are trying to help the little guy because so many people are hurt,” he said.

Minister of the Grand Bahama, Hong. Ginger Moxy described the day as “great” and stated that reconstruction and resilience were the main objectives of the change blueprint. I am happy and the residents of Grand Bahama are relieved that this program has started.

Senator Kirkland Russell said the ministry allowed them to go to the inhabitants and evaluate their needs, “today we are embarking on bringing that compassionate remedy.” ..

“We want to say we’re here for you, and we’re going to raise the well-being index of the inhabitants of the North Bahamas,” he added. A small home repair initiative officially launched in the Grand Bahamas

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