A “souvenir” from the wall in the hope of a miracle?

Hagia Sophia’s new vandalism: Turkish women scratch the inner walls of orthodox cradle and put dust in small debris and plastic bags. They keep stolen things as souvenirs, damaging a 1,500-year-old monument under UNESCO protection.

Images of the “new hobby” were first posted on Turkish social media and then on media websites in support of opposition parties expressing concern over the protection of the 1500-year-old monument.

“Now they strip the debris from the wall and put it in a bag as a souvenir. Where is the protection and respect for Hagia Sophia’s cultural heritage that has been going on since 1485? Stop it before things get worse. This is not a cult … “A Turkish user posted on Twitter.

Architect Seda Ozen Bilgili Reportedly Note: “The person who removes the work, thinking it is sacred, is a foreign visitor, and I think you can find it if you do some research. Previously, tourists got souvenirs from the mosaic. ! “

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism needs to return to Hagia Sophia to protect the area on the ground floor that people visit. The common heritage of humanity cannot be “protected” by experimentation. It’s really sad to read such news, “Birgiri added.

Despite being Muslims, in some of the countries where the Greeks were a strong factor, especially in Istanbul, being Turkish citizens to go to church on the Orthodox Holy Holidays or to honor Our Lady Mary. You need to be careful.

Every year on April 23, thousands of Turkish men, women and children gather in the church. Agios Georgios (St. George) Kodounas on Principos Island (Havelieda) in the Sea of ​​Marmara.

Until they climb the hill from the harbor, they release the thread and do not talk to anyone. When they arrive at the church, they pray for miracles and blessings.

The Turkish media, which asked the Ministry of Culture for comment on the new vandalism in Hagia Sophia, has received nothing so far.

New vandalism will occur after a month Damage to the Imperial Gate of Hagia Sophia During April.

Two years ago, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan converted the symbol of the Christian Orthodox Church into a museum mosque proclaimed from the 1930s. A “souvenir” from the wall in the hope of a miracle?

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