A sports unit that pays attention to the resumption of school sports

The Ministry of Education, Technology and Vocational Training Sports Unit is eager to resume school sports. However, the unit is cautious, as the safety of student athletes is a top priority. Schools in the country are currently on a virtual platform.

The senior sports officer of the unit Rupert Gardiner said he would propose to the minister and director to allow non-contact sports once face-to-face instructions are resumed.

“We will advise the minister to play golf, tennis, swimming and athletics,” Gardiner said. “These are non-contact sports. We feel safe in these sports. All other sports are contact sports. At this time, the competent authority must approve contact sports with school children. I feel. “

In other words, sports such as basketball, soccer, baseball, softball and volleyball are not included in the immediate itinerary to resume school sports if approved.

Gardiner said the pandemic influenced school sports across the country and also influenced the choice of junior national teams for contact sports.

“Not only in New Providence, but also in the Family Islands and the Grand Bahamas, it has had a huge impact on high school sports and children,” Gardiner said. “This year, Kingston, Jamaica has a CARIFTA track and field, Barbados has a CARIFTA swim, and there are junior tennis and golf in the area, so it’s not difficult for these four non-contact sports. Championship. These Sports are unaffected, but other sports are. “

Gardiner reiterated that at this point the minister and director must agree and receive the support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in order to resume school sports.

After meeting with health authorities, the Sports Unit will meet with the Government Secondary School Sports Association (GSSSA), the Bahama Independent Secondary School Association (BAISS) and other school sports associations.

Gardiner also said the ministry is working to ensure that the remaining GSSSA coaches and staff of the services provided are paid in a short period of time.

The Sports Unit was able to collaborate with the Bahamas Golf Federation (BGF) to host the first Bahamas Interschool Golf Championship in March 2021. Homeschool Jayden Ward won the Senior Boys category, Queens College’s Larn Miller won the Junior Men’s category, St. John’s College’s Taisha Tyne won the Senior Girls category, and Queens College’s Chemari Pratt won the Junior Girls category.

They are aiming to host a second tournament in March / April of this year, awaiting approval from the Ministry of Education and health authorities.

In 2020, the Sports Unit, along with the Bahamaches Federation (BCF), was able to form a team to effectively play in international school sports.

Federation (ISF) World School Championship Online Chest Tournament.

Under the guidance of health authorities, the Ministry of Education, Technology and Vocational Training will make a decision within a week to decide whether the school will meet or continue with the virtual platform. A sports unit that pays attention to the resumption of school sports

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