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A stranger was running NSE and Chitra was just a doll in his hand

New Delhi: The person who ran the National Stock Exchange (NSE) was an unknown person now called “Himalayan Yogi”, and MD and CEO Chitra Ramkrishna at the time was “just a doll in his hand. “.

From a stranger’s email to Ramakrishna dated December 4, 2015, a stranger said, “Kan-chan is a straw, I’m the suction force, and I spit everything I need as usual.” I am.

According to SEBI’s research, from the same, it is clear that Ramakrishna abandoned all her powers to the unknown and was playing with the unknown through the means of Anand Sabramanian.

This is even more apparent from the email from Ramakrishna dated October 8, 2015 to strangers. “The company runs solely for THY Grace and my G blessing, Swami,” she said. This clearly shows that it was an unknown person who was performing the NSE, and Ramakrishna was just a doll in his hand.

Even after SEBI sent a complaint to Ramakrishna to NSE, she still sought guidance and instructions from an unknown person.

An E & Y report dated July 5, 2018, submitted by NSE, states: Such information included information on NSE’s five-year financial forecasts, dividend payment rates, NSE’s business plans, NSE’s board agenda, and discussions on NSE employee rating / performance evaluation. .. “

Therefore, confidential information such as NSE’s five-year financial forecast, dividend payment rate, NSE’s business plan, NSE’s board agenda, and NSE employee rating / performance evaluation consultations must be shared with Rama Krishna. Is obvious. An unknown person, the research found, the impact was unimaginably wide, still large, and could be harmful to the NSE if it weren’t for the stock market.

Ramakrishna not only sought advice, but also acted on the advice of unknown persons, apparent from the delegation of power, designation, and the increase in remuneration paid to the Subramanians themselves. All of these were advised by an unknown person.

https://www.siasat.com/an-unknown-person-was-running-nse-and-chitra-was-merely-a-puppet-in-his-hands-2278708/ A stranger was running NSE and Chitra was just a doll in his hand

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