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To cut costs, Latvian homeowners are planning to cut energy consumption this year. We are also looking at making our homes more energy efficient. At the same time, her third or more than 36% of Latvian residents admit that there is no way to reduce energy consumption and costs, as concluded in a survey conducted by SEB Bank.

Just over a third or 34% of respondents plan to install LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and use electricity during the cheapest hours of the day. One in 10 of her residents plans to stop using gas indoors and for hot water and switch to other alternatives.

About 8% of respondents said they plan to renovate their homes to be more energy efficient. 6% said they plan to replace their heating systems in favor of radiators that can change the temperature of their apartments to pay for the heat actually consumed.

According to SEB Bank Private Finances Center Māris Opincāns, multifamily renovations can help save money during the heating season, extend the life of buildings and improve their appearance.

The survey also shows that 80% of private homeowners have plans to improve their energy efficiency.

Around 32% of respondents are preparing to modernize their heating systems, others are planning to renovate their homes and 30% are starting to use renewable energy (solar panels, wind turbines) intend to do something. 26% of interviewed private homeowners plan to replace their home appliances with more energy efficient ones.

20% of private homeowners have no plans to do anything to make their homes more energy efficient, cheaper, or more sustainable.

Only 4% of residents live in homes that already use renewable energy sources.

According to a SEB Bank survey, 57% of residents admit they are unsure if their home is energy efficient. One in ten of her respondents knows the energy efficiency level of her home. Only 5% of respondents say they live in homes with a high level of energy efficiency.

Additionally, about a third of respondents believe their homes are old, unrefurbished and therefore not energy efficient.

The survey was organized by Norstat at the request of SEB Bank this spring. From the age of 18 until he was 74 he was attended by 1,003 Latvians.

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