A trio injured at a fireworks display last weekend is discharged

The three men who were injured at the fireworks display last weekend were discharged from the hospital, a pyrotechnic association announced on social media on Wednesday night.

Three men, 25, 29 and 60, were hospitalized between Saturday and Sunday after an explosion at a fireworks display belonging to Mosta’s Soċjeta Piroteknika 15 ta’Awwissu.

There were 11 people at the fireworks display in Dwegira between Mosta and Mughal when it was shaken by the big explosion on Saturday.

Two of them were hospitalized shortly after the explosion, one was thought to have suffered a broken leg while escaping the complex, and the other was thought to have been burned.

A third man, 60, was hospitalized on Sunday at 2:30 am.

However, all three have been discharged from the hospital and the Fireworks Society says they are now back with their families.

“Greatly to all public sector workers and professionals who have helped us in everything we need, including police, soldiers, civil protection departments, nurses, doctors and other professionals. Thank you, “said society.

Society also thanked all those who showed solidarity and moral support during this difficult time, and thanked their patron Mary, Virgin Mary, for “putting us in front of her.” Thank you.

It can be seen that fireworks that were dry outdoors as part of the fireworks manufacturing process were the cause of the first explosion on Saturday afternoon, after which debris scattered around and ignited in some fields.

The second big explosion, about 45 minutes later, was thought to be one of the small fireworks stores in the complex. Surrounded by the walls of the fortress and built according to the latest safety standards for such complexes, the complex’s head office remained untouched.

The complex was rebuilt just two days before the feast of the prestigious local St. Mary on August 15, after being shaken by the 2010 explosion. That day, a man – Mario Dimek – died.

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