A United Property buys 10,710 square meters of land near the Floreasca district and Lake Tei for new housing development – ​​Romanian Journal

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United Property Green Investors and Developers, one of the residential, multipurpose and commercial real estate properties in Bucharest, Romania, has announced the acquisition of 10,710 square meters of land near the Floreasca district of Bucharest and Lake Tei. On new land near One Verdi Park and Barbu Văcărescu Boulevard, the company will build a new low-rise housing development called the One City Club.

“This transaction is in line with the One United Properties strategy, which expands our land portfolio for housing development and focuses on investing in premium and sustainable real estate opportunities in the very good regions of Bucharest. Development and company profits and profits. Our aim is to build and manage a balanced real estate portfolio that is efficiently integrated into urban life while meeting all the needs of the new generation. “Victor Căpitanu, Co-CEO of OneUnited Properties, said.

In the new housing development, there are about 200 apartments organized in a low-rise complex with a total area of ​​about 37,000 square meters, of which 27,000 square meters above ground and 10,000 square meters below ground. One City Club also integrates commercial areas with community-friendly facilities and services such as gyms and swimming pools, green and recreation areas, golf rooms and a variety of services. Awesome City Club’s great location provides quick access to the northern part of the city, including attractions such as Floreska Park and One Gallery Shopping Hall (formerly Ford Hall) in One Floreska City, as well as quick access to the city centre. Provides access. Then head to the A3 Bucharest-Ploiesti highway.

The company is currently in advanced negotiations on 10 future developments and is in the early stages of discussion or negotiation for more than 20 other developments. The 10 developments that are currently under high negotiation are primarily focused on middle- and high-income residential real estate. If signed, approximately 10,000 apartments with a total buildable area of ​​more than 1 million square meters above ground will be developed on these lands by One United Properties over the next seven years. After they have been developed, these developments have the potential to generate a total development value of over € 2.3 billion and a potential gross profit of € 900 million for One United Properties. Approximately 10% of development will be in office and commercial spaces. The company’s focus is to prioritize investment in Bucharest, where most of the pipeline is located. A United Property buys 10,710 square meters of land near the Floreasca district and Lake Tei for new housing development – ​​Romanian Journal

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