A wave of hoax bomb threats hit the popular Budapest bath again!

The popular Budapest bath was once again the victim of a fake bomb threat yesterday morning. As a result, all visitors had to leave the facility during a police investigation.

according to, Budapest Spa cPlc. Communications expert Salolta Réthy confirmed media information about the bomb threat yesterday morning. Later that day, Lukacs and Szechenyi had to evacuate.

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A photo from a reader showing an ambulance waiting at Rudas Baths.

So they asked the National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) if anyone in the bath needed medical care. They promised to reply later that day, but didn’t post an update.

This was not the first time a bathhouse in Budapest was threatened with a bomb. In mid-May, several baths were exposed to such threats. Meanwhile, in April, there were bomb threats at many malls in Budapest, as well as at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. moreover, A fire broke out A few weeks ago at the sauna at Lukacs Baths.

Telex updated the article in the afternoon, citing the official response from the Budapest Police Headquarters. On June 7, police reported that several agencies in Budapest had been threatened with bombs. They added that the relevant explosive disposal (EOD) inspection is underway and that necessary measures will be taken.

Interestingly, none of the three baths communicated the bomb threat on their official website or Facebook page. however, Lukacs Baths website, There is a red color warning message indicating that the facility is not available by phone. Of course, it may have nothing to do with yesterday’s bomb threat.However, some Facebook photo Show me the guests evacuating from the Szechenyi hot spring yesterday.

Magyar Nemzette report Guests, including many foreigners, waited patiently until the authorities finished their work.They added it

Pascal beach in Budapest also had to evacuate.

In the case of Pascal Beach, a man who called that the bomb would explode in a short time. The other three baths were threatened by email, wrote. The relevant law says there is no hesitation in such cases: everyone must leave the building immediately.

József Horváth, a security policy expert at Alapjogokért Központ (Center for Basic Rights), said foreign interests and hybrid warfare are behind the threat. He added that the adjustments behind the threat are obvious. The purpose of anonymous calls is to:

To cause confusion and weaken people’s beliefs about public security,

Horváth said.

Fortunately, police found nothing, so guests were able to return to the building or pool later that day.

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sauce:,, Magyar Nemzet A wave of hoax bomb threats hit the popular Budapest bath again!

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