A week-long strike will close schools, day care centers, libraries and more in major cities.Finland Today | English News

On Tuesday, a strike of employees in the municipal sector, which involved more than 81,000 people in 10 different municipalities arranged by the labor organizations of JUKO, JHL and Jyty, was held in Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen, Turku, Tampere, Jyväskylä and Kuopio. It starts with. , Oulu and Rovaniemi. The strike will continue until Monday, May 9th.

In a nutshell, unions are looking for solutions to raise low-wage employees from wage inequality in the municipal sector.

“Everyone has used the services created by local government employees throughout their lives and everyone considers them important. The employees who provide these services for us It’s perfectly clear that they deserve a significant salary increase and the level of income they can live in, “Jonna Voima, president of Jyty, said in a statement.

Strikes affect not only education, culture and leisure services, but also social welfare and medical care.

During the strike, basic education will be completely interrupted. Many of the aforementioned municipal nurseries will also be closed.

Emergency and emergency care services provided by primary health stations and oral health care locations are excluded from strikes, so these services will continue to function properly.

Impact on sports and leisure in the Helsinki region

Many libraries in Helsinki (excluding self-service libraries in the Hertoniemi, Rajasaro and Vicki districts), Cultural Centers (Anantaro, Kaisa, Marmitaro, Maunula House, Canertaro, Savoy Theater, Store, Vossari House), Museums (Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Helsinki City) Museums, Villa Hakasalmi, Workers’ Housing Museum, Tram Museum), and youth centers and indoor sports facilities are closed.

Turku’s impact on sports and leisure

All libraries are closed and there are no library buses. It cannot be used alone at a nearby library.

Tourism services will decrease.

Strikes limit the activities of the museum. Most are closed.

Customer service for almost all sports venues and sports services is closed.

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Impact of Tampere on sports and leisure

Some indoor sports facilities, outdoor sports facilities and indoor swimming pools will be closed from May 3rd to 9th.

During the strike, the indoor sports facilities Ikuri Sports Hall, Pinicky Ball Game Center, Tampere Stadium, Tesoma Sports Hall and Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center will be closed.

Youth Center opening hours are subject to change.

During the strike, all branches of the Tampere Municipal Library, except the Self-help Library, will be closed and the library bus will not operate.

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More information on the impact of strikes in the city of Jyväskyla, Kuopio, Oulu When RovaniemiYou can click on each link that takes you to the city’s web page. A week-long strike will close schools, day care centers, libraries and more in major cities.Finland Today | English News

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