A woman disguised as an invalid fake for 38 years-English

(ANSA)-May 4 Rome-Termini Imerese financial police on Wednesday earn more than € 800 a month for a Sicilian woman disguised as an invalid fake for 38 years with a non-existent severe mental illness invalid benefit He said he did.

From the age of 67, they confiscated assets worth about € 205,000.

According to police, she has been undergoing monthly disability checks since December 1983.

The woman was put under investigation on suspicion of exacerbated fraud aimed at fraudulent public wallets.

The woman was handed out showing her health and happiness in photos on social media.

She was involved in wiretapping, saying she received pills from a doctor because of her alleged condition and then threw them away.

“If I don’t get them, they will find them because I like sweets,” she said. (ANSA).

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