A woman finds dead hanging from the U.S.-Mexico border wall-nationwide

Note: This article contains disturbing details. Please read at your own discretion.

A Mexican Woman trying to move to America US-Mexico hung upside down and found dead Border wall Last week after she got caught in a climbing harness.

The woman was later identified as: Griselda Verduzco Armenta, 32, by her cousin who talked to News Outlet Telemundo. She said Verdusco tried to cross the dangerous border and provide a better life for her two young daughters, aged 1 and 9.

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office officially stated that her “immigrant woman was climbing to the top of the border wall and trying to descend to the U.S. side when her legs / legs were entangled (in a harness) and trapped upside down. I confirmed it for quite some time. “

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Law enforcement agencies in Arizona found her hanged and rushed the woman to a local hospital, where she was sentenced to death.

Carol Kapas, communication coordinator in Cochise County, said through the Guardian that the autopsy had determined Verdusco to have died. Accidental choking After hanging upside down for an unspecified but widespread period.

Verdusco’s cousin told Telemundo that her relatives were from Ahome, Sinaloa and hired an immigrant smuggler known as the “coyote” to help cross the border near Douglas, Arizona.

According to Capas, Verduzco and other immigrants scaled the wall with a ladder on the Mexican side and landed on the US side using a rappelling harness. Verdusco’s legs and legs were trapped in the upper part of the fence, and he turned upside down and suffocated.

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“These types of incidents are not political, but the humanitarian reality of someone losing a loved one in a meaningless tragedy,” said local sheriff Mark Danels. “We have to do better to find a solution to the challenges facing the border, and we have to do it for the right reason.”

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection 8,000 immigrants He died trying to cross the southern border between 1998 and 2020. However, Border Angels, a non-profit organization working to prevent the death of migrants at the border, The death toll is probably much higher More than the purpose of the official data. They say it’s easy for human bodies to disappear in harsh desert climates.

Border Angels quotes ACLU’s Maria Jimenez survey as saying that migrants who lag behind the group when trying to cross the border are often left behind to protect themselves. He said that even stepping on a cactus needle could result in a death sentence in harsh environments.

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Verdusco’s relatives claim that the coyote that Verdusco hired to guide her across the border abandoned her when she was trapped.

“And, well, they left her there for their own safety, and I think, so [immigration authorities] Did not arrest them. And they left her hanging there — she was still alive, “she told Telemundo. It is unknown and unconfirmed how she obtained this information.

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According to Tucson Star, the Mexican Consulate in Douglas is working to deliver the remains of Verdusco to his relatives.

Consul Ricardo Pineda Alvaran issued a statement on Saturday accusing immigrant smugglers of claiming to help people safely cross the US border at high fees.

“They tricked this woman and her group into thinking it was safe,” Pineda said. “Imagine how distraught this family is. We blame this.”

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