A woman living on the bus says her personal struggle was hijacked for political optics – Eye Witness News

Another resident occupying the land says the government’s explanation is incorrect.Residents have taken steps to acquire the royal territory

The Bahamas, Nassau — Mother Daniel Williams, who lived in an abandoned school bus on a disputed land in southern New Providence, argued yesterday that she was crouching and claimed that her application to Crownland received a response. However, it was favorable.

Witness News reported yesterday that Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Obie Wilchcom and other ministry officials provided temporary housing and other forms of assistance to young mothers and other residents, but residents said I wanted to wait for the result of the royal territory application.

Residents occupying the land were given 14 days for cease and desist by other government agencies, but Wilchcom was derived from an interpretation of previous statements by former Prime Minister Hubert Minis related to the royal territory. Further dialogue on this issue stating that their plight and their expectations are justified.

“Ask me, I’m doing everything well myself [and] For the same reason, I have never asked for handouts from social welfare agencies or others. People use your struggle in stories and pretend to be helping or doing good deeds. Social welfare personnel.

Williams posted this photo to her Facebook account three days ago with the caption “You can call me whatever you want to call me, except for ineligible mothers.”

“I’m not crouching. I applied for land, did all the proper procedures, and got a response.

“People are going to go with whatever the media speaks and do it.

“I wasn’t ashamed of where I lived and how I lived.

“It wasn’t just a job. I go all the way to get the most out of my situation and make sure my child is comfortable.

“I push very hard to make sure my fight is never her fight, but people still make my situation work well and make the most of my situation. Do you disappoint me to do? “

Williams expressed concern about being harshly judged by the public and said he faced criticism for achieving his goals, but would have faced criticism if he had sought help.

“If I came here to beg, people would [said] You are a healthy adult, go looking for a job.

“I do not know.

“I have never been to social welfare for any help.

“These people came to talk about the lack of a camera because they wanted to feel my heart,” but still posted a photo.

“I don’t know when the Bahamian people will go [to] This is neither that I live on the bus nor that I am away from the situation of me and my children.

“The government [has] I was aware that I was behind here.

“It is impossible for a big yellow school bus to be overlooked.

“I’m a Bahamian. I’m just fighting and standing for mine.”

The mother warned the general public that the land surrounding her land was not true and claimed that she would be sold to a foreigner to convert to golf courses and other developments.

“I just got caught [up] When used as a charity case, it looks good.

“God don’t sleep. Everything is ready to end.”

Was attacked

Another resident stated that he had lived in the land for “years” with his family and considered the government’s actions as an attack on the Bahamans. This is similar to the claim made by Lincoln Bain, the leader of the Independent Union.

He pointed to a one-story house. It is a few feet above the ground and is equipped with a porch, numerous windows and a gable roof.

“Our elected representatives have chosen to fight us on royal territorial issues,” he said, national security and law enforcement that advised residents to visit the area last week and leave. Lamented the minister of the institution.

He said the royal territory was “people’s land” and the elected officials were “only real caretakers and landowners.”

“Every Bahamian citizen has the right to own and carry out the process necessary to acquire a royal territory at any time,” said the resident.

“That’s what my family did, and what many families behind did,” he added. A woman living on the bus says her personal struggle was hijacked for political optics – Eye Witness News

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