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A year after the Capitol riots, Americans fear democracy

A year after the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol, Americans are deeply concerned about the soundness of democracy, and violence against the government may be justified, according to two polls released yesterday. It states that there is.
The January 6 attack on parliamentary seats, led by Donald Trump supporters, is “a precursor to increased political violence,” according to two-thirds of the people surveyed in a CBS News survey. , American democracy is “threatening.”
Meanwhile, Americans’ “pride” for democracy has plummeted from 90% in 2002 to 54% today, according to a study by the Washington Post / University of Maryland.
As the January 6th anniversary approaches, polls show specific causes of concern. CBS believes that 28% of respondents can use their power to defend the outcome of the election, while 34% justified the Washington Post that violent action against the government could sometimes occur. Will be – the largest percentage in decades.
The results underscore the seemingly irreconcilable view that divides American society, which President Joe Biden, who took office 14 days after the Capitol riots, promised to overcome.
Two-thirds of Trump’s supporters continue to believe in his unfounded accusations that Biden is not a legally elected president.
Trump addressed thousands of supporters shortly before the parliamentary assault, stating that elections were “illegal” and should “fight like hell.”
Approximately 60% of polls say Trump has a heavy responsibility for the invasion of the Capitol, as lawmakers were set to prove Biden’s victory.
Again, opinions are on a partisan line. Post-investigation found that 83% of Trump voters put his level of responsibility only on “partial” or “none.”
And, according to CBS, 26% of Americans want him to run again in 2024.
A special committee in the House of Representatives has spent months establishing the roles and responsibilities of those who may have instigated or organized protests.
Despite limited cooperation from Trump’s inner circle, the panel conducted more than 300 interviews and collected thousands of documents.
“We have discovered some things that raise real concerns for us, such as people trying to undermine the integrity of our democracy,” the panel said. Chairman Bennie Thompson told ABC yesterday.
“Weakening elections seemed to be a collaborative effort of many,” he said. “It may be the people of the government.
“It could be Pentagon people … and some very wealthy individuals.”
He said he would not hesitate to refer the judiciary for evidence of illegality.
Liz Cheney, one of the only two Republicans on the panel, blamed Trump yesterday for waiting hours before urging him to confront the Capitol mob.
She could easily make such a call, she told ABC.
“He didn’t. It’s hard to imagine a more serious and serious neglect of duty.”

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