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Abeer Medical Group celebrates 23rd anniversary of service launch, Saudi National Day

Abeer Medical Group, a leading healthcare provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for over 23 years, is proud to serve the people of Saudi Arabia.

For locals and expats alike, Abeer is proud to provide affordable, accessible, quality healthcare to more than 5 million diverse communities across the Kingdom each year.

On Saudi National Day, Abeer, in his celebrations, will remember all that he is grateful for in the kingdom he calls home.

In 2016, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman unveiled a roadmap to a bigger, more prosperous and sustainable kingdom. It highlighted the goals of several industries and the details of what should be done, with the participation of both the public and private sectors, to advance them to great heights for the benefit of the country.Improving citizens, residents, visitors and the world at large.

Known as Vision 2030, this roadmap continues to inspire businesses everywhere in the kingdom. Abir is one.

Under its Healthcare Transformation Program, Abeer aims to provide comprehensive, integrated, value-based healthcare by creating an industry-aligned social and health policy to reference when planning for the future. adopted the blueprint of

With a commitment to accessible and value-driven healthcare, a dedication to digitization and modern methods, and participation in public-private partnership opportunities, Abeer is already operating along a clear forward path of Vision 2030. .

In this moment of redefinition, Abeer is grateful to the Crown Prince and his vision of rebuilding and strengthening the Kingdom’s medical sector by engaging both organizations and people.

At the heart of Vision 2030 are young, hardworking Saudis. Abeer is proud of its growing workforce in Saudi Arabia, which comprises approximately 1,000 staff. Abeer is committed to providing more opportunities and developing the local healthcare workforce.

Behind this team, Abeer celebrated National Day on all units and launched a National Day offer of 23% off all services. The offer he is valid until September 30th.

To book, please refer to our mobile application, call 920015888 or visit your nearest branch.

https://saudigazette.com.sa/article/625291/BUSINESS/Abeer-Medical-Group-celebrates-Saudi-National-Day-in-23rd-year-of-service?ref=rss&format=simple&link=link Abeer Medical Group celebrates 23rd anniversary of service launch, Saudi National Day

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