Abortion decision shows political changes in the earthquake

Washington – Tuesday’s Supreme Court said a leaked draft decision to overturn the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision, even though disclosure caused political turmoil with potentially widespread electoral and legal consequences. Confirmed to be genuine but not final.

Democrats led by President Joe Biden hold a mid-term election for abstinence while protesters gather outside the courtroom and chanting enough to hear parliamentarians in the parliament building across the street. I vowed to make it a decisive issue. Republicans have accused the Liberal Party of adjusting the leak to threaten the court while Judge John Roberts ordered an investigation.

“If this decision holds, it’s a really pretty radical decision,” Biden told reporters. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer in New York called it “abominable,” and Senator Nancy Pelosi accused the court of “boldly ignoring the 50-year case.” However, House Republican leaders have issued a joint statement that potentially calls it “a decision to protect our most basic and valuable rights, the right to life.”

The draft opinion by Judge Samuel Alito was circulated among the judges in February with the support of at least five of the nine court members, with a final decision until June or early July. There are no plans to publish it. The end result may still be narrower than Arito originally envisioned, as such drafts change on a daily basis as they are exchanged between judges who provide suggestions, disagree, and sometimes change votes. It is considered to have sex.

However, the disclosure of his draft revealed that the foundations of American law in the last half century may be at stake. If the court implements several versions of Arito’s opinion, the constitutional right to abortion, first established by the court in 1973, becomes invalid and determines whether the procedure is legal in the jurisdiction. Is left to the state. The result is a patchwork of various laws across the country, unless Congress intervenes and reestablishes a single national policy.

Such a court decision would start life with conception and successfully end decades of conservative movements claiming that Roe invented rights that do not exist in the Constitution. At the same time, it would mean a devastating defeat for liberals who sought to protect women’s right to choose procedures against years of effort to break the ruling.

Disclosure of draft opinions in such major cases is unprecedented in modern times and is confusing as the Supreme Court faces a surprising breach of traditional secret deliberations. Courts are largely unaffected by the types of leaks common in other major institutions, but who is responsible and what is their motive for judges, secretaries, and others close to the court. In speculation about what to do, you may find a new atmosphere of suspicion.

Roberts called it a “betrayal of court trust” and ordered an investigation. “This was a peculiar and terrible breach of that trust, an insult to the court and the community of civil servants working here,” he said in a statement issued by the court.

In the same statement, the court confirmed that the draft of Arito was genuine, but emphasized that no one should necessarily assume that it would reflect the final decision. “Although the document contained in yesterday’s report is genuine, it does not represent the member’s final position on the matter of the court’s decision or case,” the statement said.

Nevertheless, governors and legislators across the country have moved to prepare for the post-low era. Liberal states have vowed to protect their right to abortion in their jurisdiction, as in California. There, Governor Gavin Newsom called for a constitutional amendment and said, “We will fight like hell.” Leaders from conservative states such as South Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia, and Indiana talked about convening a special session to ban proceedings as soon as the Supreme Court ruled, Kevin in Oklahoma. Governor Stitt has signed a bill banning abortion. several weeks.

Schumer announced next week that he would vote on a law aimed at systematizing Law’s principles into federal law. But it’s probably a symbolic action, as it didn’t seem to get a majority of 51 votes, well below the 60 votes needed to overcome filibuster. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin of the Middle Democratic Party has filibusted the proceedings.

Opinion polls show that most Americans support at least some form of abortion rights, even if they support selected restrictions. According to a January CNN survey, only 30% of Americans wanted the court to completely overturn Roe, while 69% objected. Over the years, the Democratic Party has been unable to translate its widespread and popular support into decent political power in Congress and the Supreme Court.

But they wanted a more obvious threat to the right to abortion to inspire self-satisfied liberalists and independents to become apparent in the fall. Pelosi and many other Democrats mostly raise money from leaked draft meetings in the hope of changing the subject from inflation, the coronavirus, and other issues that dragged them down in polls. I didn’t waste my time.

“I don’t say this lightly,” said a fundraising email sent in the name of Pelosi. “This election has become the greatest battle for women’s rights in the history of our country.”

Biden warned that a decision in Arito’s opinion could reveal all scope of privacy rights, including same-sex marriage. “Basically, it shows all the decisions related to personal life, the person to marry, whether to get pregnant with a child, whether to have an abortion, and various other decisions,” he said. I told the group.

Draft Arito preemptively rejected the discussion. “To prevent misunderstandings and misunderstandings of our decisions, we emphasize that our decisions relate to the constitutional right to abortion and not to other rights. “He wrote. “In this opinion, nothing should be understood that casts doubt on cases unrelated to abortion.”

But for the long-sought-after, seriously victorious party, Republicans seemed less interested in celebrating than complaining. After years of working to set up judges and judges who sympathize with the view of abortion, they focus on results rather than leaks they hypothesized to reflect efforts to prevent it. did not.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said: Former President Donald Trump has identified three conservative judges who clearly provide the core of the majority.

However, it was not entirely clear whether the leaker was liberal. Some long-time court observers have speculated that there may be reason for conservatives to unveil a draft opinion in the hope of trapping a swaying judge. Roberts has shown hesitate to completely overturn Rho, and if he can beat Judge Brett Kavanaugh, he could uphold the restrictive Mississippi law in question without directly overturning previous decisions. You can enforce a sexual judgment.

Nevertheless, such results will eradicate important provisions of Roe and subsequent decisions. Although Mississippi law prohibits abortion after 15 weeks of gestation, the current Supreme Court case is that the fetus is pregnant until it is considered viable outside the womb (usually about 23 weeks). Guarantees the right to abortion.

Senator Mike Brown of Indiana was one of the few Republicans to give full cheers to Arito’s decision. “If the leaked opinion is accurate, today is a milestone day for the sacredness of human life in our country,” he said. “I am 100% professional life and I pray that the Supreme Court will save and save countless lives.”

Thirteen states already have so-called trigger methods that have passed a few years after Roe’s decision. This allows you to ban the procedure immediately or within a few weeks. In the other five states, there are decades-old abortion laws on recoverable books. In some states, abortion will be banned after 6 weeks, sooner than many women realize they are pregnant. This year, abortion bans were introduced in several states.

Such laws can affect hundreds of thousands of women each year. The number of abortions in the United States has consistently declined from the early 1980s to 862,320 in 2017, but some estimates have shown a slight recovery over the next few years. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research institute that supports abortion, abortion has decreased by more than half in the last 40 years as a percentage of all women of childbearing age. It decreased from 29.3 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44 in 1981 to 13.5 in 2017. right.

Even with fewer abortions, enemies will challenge Law, including Mississippi being banned for 15 weeks and Texas banning procedures that could be enforced by private groups in court as early as 6 weeks. That made me more aggressive.

The blame game soon began among supporters of the ruling, as the possibility of Rho’s reversal sank around Washington on Tuesday. Some have pointed out former President Barack Obama for not fighting hard to fill the vacant Supreme Court seats in the last year in the face of McConnell’s blockade. In 2020, fill the seat with Amy Coney Barrett.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of New York, focused his anger on Senator Kirsten Cinema, a moderate Democratic Party member of Arizona, on Tuesday, saying on Twitter: .. “

Senator Susan Collins of Maine, one of the few Republican supporters of the opposition in Congress, expressed anger at Judges Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch, and their reported support for Arito’s draft decision was Said that it was “completely inconsistent” with what she had told her about the presence of Law. She resolved the importance of the law or precedent before she voted to confirm them.

Of course, that led to a torrent of Collins’ online criticism of believing in Kabanau and Gorsuch in the first place.

This article was originally New York Times.. Abortion decision shows political changes in the earthquake

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