About 300 traders hold Independence Day ceremony at Belinharjo Market

Yogyakarta (Antara) – About 300 merchants and workers at the Beringharjo market in Yogyakarta held a ceremony to mark the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence at the market’s loading and unloading site.

“After 77 years of Indonesia’s independence, this is the first Indonesian independence commemoration ceremony held by the Belinharjo Market Traders,” said the chief of the Belinharjo Market Traders Association Dal Mastono, who served as inspector of the ceremony, in Yogyakarta on Wednesday.

According to Dal Mastono, celebrating Independence Day was very important because the Independence Day ceremony was meant to remind traders of the heroic sacrifices to achieve independence.

He said celebrating a trader’s independence could mean fully understanding his or her rights and obligations.

“We have the right to trade on the Beringharjo market, but traders are obliged to comply with the regulations.

He also urged traders to always work together to develop traditional markets to ensure their presence amidst the rapid development of technology and the proliferation of online trading, especially in the current digital age. rice field.

Meanwhile, Yogyakarta Municipal Trade Director Veronica Amber Ismuwardani said the Independence Day ceremony at the Belinharjo market was held purely for the initiative of the traders.

“We strongly support this initiative because it shows that traders have a high spirit of nationalism,” Ismuwardani affirmed.

Ismuwardani explained that the Belinharjo Market, which was established before the country achieved independence, witnessed the history of the country’s struggle to achieve independence.

“Beringharjo Market has a very long history of fighting for independence. If it were a book, it would be many volumes and very long,” she said.

She also expressed her hope that Indonesia’s Independence Day ceremony will be held at all traditional markets, not just at Belinharjo Market.There are 29 traditional markets in Yogyakarta City. , with a total of about 15,000 merchants.

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