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About 400 terrorists on PoK’s lunch pad: Gen Naravane

New Delhi: General Manoji Mukund Naraban, Chief of the Army Staff (COAS), said Wednesday that there were 350-400 terrorists on the launch pads and training camps of Kashmir under Pakistani occupation.

At the Indian Army’s annual press conference, COAS said the threat on the Line of Control (LoC) from Pakistan has never receded.

“The threat cannot be ignored,” said Army officials.

He said the DGMO’s understanding in February last year was aimed at achieving mutually beneficial and sustainable peace, following a long-term rise in the situation in line with the LoC with Pakistan.

“As a result, the situation has improved significantly,” said the officer, but caution is required.

“But the increased concentration of terrorists on the launch pads throughout the LC and repeated attempts to infiltrate have re-exposed their (Pakistan) malice,” said Indian Army officials.

“On our part, we are determined to show” zero tolerance “to terrorism and promise to bring out disastrous costs if it is forced on us,” he said.

In Jammu and Kashmir, he said, a “government-wide” approach led to a progressive improvement in security conditions.

Efforts to add indigenous shades to terrorism by installing the facade of the surrogate terrorism “Tanjeme” have failed miserably, he said, with unrealistic elements being minorities and non-locals.

“But we were able to counter these challenges,” he said.

Speaking of Siachen, Naravan said Siachen happened because of Pakistan’s one-sided attempt. Police officers explained how they would be released and said Indian troops did not dislike the demilitarization of the Siachen Glacier.

“But the prerequisite is Pakistan’s acceptance of real-ground position lines,” he said.

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