About 4,000 firefighters continue to fight all night

According to the latest information on the situation due to civil protection at 2:30 am this morning, 70 local fires still occur in Portugal, and about 4,000 firefighters are in combat supported by 1,200 vehicles. I am joining.

Air support returns only to areas of greatest concern as the sun goes down. Another hot day and unpredictable wind, albeit slightly less than yesterday.

At 2:30 am, 37 of the 70 fires were classified as “conclusions”. This does not mean they are over, but at that point they were under control.

Everything depends on how these fires “behave” during the day.

In Algarve, the fire that broke out in Gamberas on Tuesday night was “extinguished” at the hotspots of greatest concern in the Berverde region. The flame spread over an area of ​​28 km, affecting the property of Quarteira in Almancil and reaching the vicinity of the adjacent Quarteira. The situation is still one of the concerns, but this morning looks at least more promising.

Fires in the northern regions are less certain. Leiria, Santaren, Setubal and Aveiro are the most worrisome areas.

A new fire was reported at Qasar de San Joan in Coimbra just before 2am this morning. In other words, Portalegre and Villarreal are the only areas that are currently out of fire.

Temperatures today are expected to reach 44 ° C in the northern, central, and some areas of the interior. Eight remain “red” weather alerts.

As the days go by, more will happen. About 4,000 firefighters continue to fight all night

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