About Alessandro De Grandi’s The Nemesis, His Crypto Gaming Platform

Alessandro De Grandi is the CEO and founder of The Nemesis, a cryptocurrency gaming platform.You bought it for the first time Bitcoin 2010 and it it was a really thrilling experience He still looks back with great hope and love.

History of Alessandro De Grandi and Nemesis

When Grundy first bought the world’s largest digital currency by market capitalization, each unit was priced at less than $1. He then sold it for around $75 believing he made a solid profit on the unit. He was certainly making a profit, but that $75 of him was nothing compared to what the currency would eventually reach.

In an interview he commented:

It was a beautiful feeling. Something changed when we realized we could make the Metaverse something for everyone. web3 wasn’t invented, but we knew the internet would merge with the metaverse.

Grandi eventually founded Nemesis in 2018 with friends and business partners Andrea Bernasconi and Riccardo Zanini. Despite not being much of a gamer, he believes the platform speaks to both gaming and cryptocurrency fans alike, and is confident it will have a significant impact on their respective crowds. We spend time and money making sure our platform is in top shape, not marketing our business.

he said:

While many projects in this space start with marketing and sales, we deliberately stick to product development, working closely with the community to build what they want, not what we want to sell. did.

However, by taking this approach, the company lost the opportunity to host an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). He added:

However, it is not in beta as we are working on the platform. we are alive We’re the first metaverse to be crypto-friendly, but we’re also social-friendly. We recognize that there is a huge gap between the crypto market and the digital world. Many brands are also afraid of NFTs. Our vision is to move brands and communities from web2 to web3 and from social to web3.

Bringing Crypto to the Web2 Player

He also said he recognizes that many of the things that are very prominent in the world of cryptocurrencies are relatively new to players of web2 games. We want to establish a platform that can easily bring both together, such as wallets and storage. he said:

We start with digital and move them to cryptocurrencies: from e-commerce to cryptocurrencies… If you just want to play the event in video format, you can also use YouTube. For events to work in the metaverse, we need to create another dynamic so that we can host something before, during, and after the event.

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