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Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Horseback Riding Exhibition Starts Professional Heritage, Art Competition

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Horseback Riding Exhibition (ADIHEX) has announced the start of admission to participate in its professional heritage, arts and culture contests.

These competitions have 25 categories and sections, and registration is possible until August 31, 2022. Forty-three awards have been assigned to the competition.

The next 19th edition of ADIHEX will be hosted by the Emirates Falconers Club from September 26th to October 2nd, 2022, and will host the Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi, International Fund for the Conservation of Hobara, and the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. Will sponsor. hold. The “Hunting Gun” sector is sponsored by Caracal International LLC, the visitor experience partner is POLARIS – Specialized Sports Equipment, and the feature sponsors are Smart Design and Royal Tent Company. The official car partner is ARB Emirates and the supporting partner is the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce.

“Sustainability and Heritage .. Aspirations to Reborn” was chosen as the theme of the edition, reflecting Abu Dhabi’s and global efforts to increase the sustainability of the environment, hunting, heritage sports and related businesses. It also emphasizes a comprehensive strategy designed to develop events and host more activities and features based on the success of past editions in a reborn aspiration.

Contest entry conditions and criteria will be announced during the upcoming period through the ADIHEX electronic platform and social media. These include the competition for the best inventions in the field of falconry and hunting, the best vehicles dedicated to hunting trips, the most beautiful captive breeding hawks, and the best exhibition platforms / stands in each of the 11 sectors of the exhibition. It is included. In addition to the Arabian Saluki Dog Beauty Pageant (Hoss / Aryash-Men / Women).

The contest also includes the most beautiful photo contest with the theme of “Sustainability and Heritage .. Reborn Aspirations” and the best video clip contest for ADIHEX 2022.

In addition, ADIHEX has also launched the Most Beautiful / Best Hawk Food (burqaa) Contest, announcing the best models of heritage crafts in the Arts and Crafts section. This emphasizes the aesthetics of the UAE’s ancient heritage, the importance of preserving crafts and the sustainability of traditional industries.

In order to raise awareness about the pillars of cultural heritage, we will introduce many heritage activities to the public, such as popular games for children, live heritage workshops (Arsadu, Altari, Arkus, pottery, glass), exhibitions and so on. Models of old traditional Emirati houses such as Bait Al Bahar (sea house), Bait Al Shaar (hair house), traditional crafts (made of palm leaves). This is in addition to organizing various interesting features in the arena.

Majid Arialman Suuri, chairman of the exhibition’s Higher Organizing Committee and secretary-general of the Emirates Falconers Club, said that these unique competitions preserve heritage and authentic traditions, preserve the environment and sustainable hunting. He emphasized that it aims to strengthen protection efforts. They are attracting new generations, participating in supporting these efforts and encouraging creative talent among young people from different countries.

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Horse Riding Exhibition includes arts and crafts, horseback riding, hawk hunting, hunting tourism and safari, hunting and camping equipment, hunting guns, environmental and cultural heritage protection, outdoor leisure vehicles and equipment, veterinary products, services and fishing equipment. And marine sports, and media.

Hawk and camel auctions, horse shows, archery, birds of prey, the most beautiful hawk contests, the Saluki Beauty Contest, and the Live Heritage Show are among the most prominent activities of the event, founded in 2021. With an area of ​​50,000 square meters, 680 brands from 44 countries. That year, more than 105,000 visitors from 120 countries attended the event.

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