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Abu Dhabi updates personal entry rules from within the UAE

Abu Dhabi officials have updated the entry protocol for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals wishing to enter the Emirates from within the United Arab Emirates.

After December 30, vaccinated individuals must obtain a Green Pass with the Alhosn app, and unvaccinated individuals must have a negative PCR test result.

The result of the negative test should not exceed 96 hours.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency Crisis and Disaster Commission, which issued the updated protocol on Tuesday, added these new requirements in addition to the EDE scanner deployed at the entrance to the Emirate.

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EDE scanners use technology to quickly detect potential coronavirus cases by measuring changes in electromagnetic waves. Anyone who commute to Abu Dhabi from other parts of the country should perform an EDE scan, regardless of whether or not they have a Green Pass.

Cases that may be Covid-19 positive will be referred to an onsite testing center where free antigen testing will be performed and the results will be delivered within 20 minutes.

If the Covid-19 test is positive, Abu Dhabi residents should be quarantined for 10 days according to emirate guidelines. It will also be equipped with a tracking wristband.

People in other emirates need to go back and notify local health authorities of the test results.

https://gulfbusiness.com/abu-dhabi-updates-entry-rules-for-individuals-from-within-the-uae/ Abu Dhabi updates personal entry rules from within the UAE

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