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Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Fund and Noon Payments to Support Local SMEs

Enterprise Developer (KFED) Khalifa Fund for E-Empower, Digital and E-Commerce Enterprise Development Efforts, Affiliated with noon.com Homemade payment solutions and gateways for local businesses. The partnership will support Abu Dhabi-based SMEs, and micro-entrepreneurs will expand their online business with noon payments, exempting setup fees and reducing monthly fees.

Besides noon payments for the purposes of the Electronic Empowerment Initiative, it gives small businesses the opportunity to grow their online businesses and increase their income.This next step will show noon payments that provide extra support to local small businesses at zero Setup fees have reduced monthly fees and access to advanced gateway features, including payment links. Using noon payments, small businesses will be able to accept all payment methods, including debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google payments, Samsung Pay and many more.

Abu Dhabi-based e-empowered SMEs and micro-entrepreneurs at noon can expect to benefit from noon services, exclusive access to dedicated tools including email responses within 24 hours. They will also promote the free benefits as well as enjoy the seller’s guidance in offering a five-week training program on how to sell and expand their product offerings at noon.

Aria Al Mazrouei, Adviser to the chairman of the Abu Dhabi division of economic development, He said: “The Khalifa Foundation remains committed to providing our entrepreneurs, ecosystem services and identifying new opportunities at the best of the day. The extension of our existing partnership with Noon is undoubtedly next. Ascend to the level of Abu Dhabi SMEs and entrepreneurs with substantial benefits to help them.

Regarding the partnership, Mosam Gadia, SVP’s noon payment, said: Our advanced payment gateway, Noon Payment, helps Abu Dhabi SMEs and micro entrepreneurs expand their digital presence and help streamline trading for electronic empowered sellers. “

In January, KFED will line up on eBay as the latest partner in the Electronic Empowerment Initiative under the “Abu Dhabi Inspiration” program. Joint partnerships can support Abu Dhabi-based SMEs and gain a variety of benefits to encourage SMEs to create growth and expand into global exports of their goods and services. increase.

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https://gulfbusiness.com/abu-dhabis-khalifa-fund-and-noon-payments-to-support-local-smes/ Abu Dhabi’s Khalifa Fund and Noon Payments to Support Local SMEs

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