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ACB arrests former DC in Bangalore for bribery

Bangalore: The Anti-Corruption Authority (ACB) arrested a former district collector in Bangalore on Monday for receiving a bribe to issue an order in favor of the petitioner in a case related to a land ownership proceeding.

Arrested IAS officer J. Manjunath facing an ACB investigation in a bribery case moved from a collector’s post in Bangalore to an integrated children’s director’s post following an order issued by the Karnataka state government on Friday. The development scheme was done.

The ACB received a bribe of 5 luck rupees from Begger resident Azam Pasha on May 21, when Mahesh, the district collector’s office manager, and Chetan Marl, an assistant to the court department, also known as Chandler. Was arrested. Ownership of 38 acres of land in the village of Kudlu in Anekaltaluk.

“I met the collector, asked him to publish the order of the case related to my land, and met Mahesh according to his instructions,” Azam Pasha complained to Mahesh demanding a bribe. I mentioned in.

The petitioner also recorded the details of the conversation between the collector and Mahesh on his mobile phone and handed it to the investigative agency along with the complaint.

Mahesh and Chetan Kumar received bribes, but during the investigation, it was discovered that files related to the petitioner had been directed to the collector. “It turns out that the order wasn’t published three months after the case investigation was completed,” officials said.

Manjunas was appointed as the third defendant in the case after ACB officials cross-examined IAS officers all day on 22 and 30 June.

The arrest was made today at 3:00 pm in Yeswanthpur, Karnataka, by a team led by ACB police deputy police officer K. A Ravishankar.

https://www.siasat.com/acb-arrests-former-dc-of-bengaluru-in-bribery-case-2363585/ ACB arrests former DC in Bangalore for bribery

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