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Accenture, a global professional services company for digital, cloud and security, has opened a new office in Cluj. Employees are part of Industry X Services and are responsible for developing industrial software in areas such as rail, automotive and manufacturing. The investment in the new headquarters is approximately $ 1.5 million.

Industry X Services employs approximately 900 people in Romania, Timisoara, Tirgu Muresh and Kruge. Accenture employs more than 4,000 people in Romania and provides services in areas such as digital, cloud and security. Accenture employees work for 89 of the Fortune Global 100 companies and are involved in projects for leading companies around the world.

“”Industry X is as much about achieving the current Industrial Revolution as it is preparing for the next Industrial Revolution. With each of these revolutions, industry becomes safer and more efficient. We are pleased to provide our employees with a workspace that meets their needs. We also want to lead the next wave of our customers’ digital transformation and move to a more environmentally friendly and responsible business.“György Birtolon, Managing Director of Industry X Romania, said.

Cluj’s Industrial Software Center of Excellence is responsible for some of the most important industrial digitization projects.

In the manufacturing industry, digitization means, among other things, equipping factories with sensors that collect, transmit, and interpret data in real time. This allows companies to have a clear picture of industrial processes and identify potential problems before they occur. Accenture experts are working on the digitization of the Arctic washing machine factory in Ulumi, and the World Economic Forum has put it on the “Lighthouse Network” list of the world’s most advanced factories using Industry 4.0 technology. It contains.

In the automotive sector, Accenture’s solutions at Cluj are helping to develop future electric vehicle platforms for major manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The main purpose is to use data analysis and next-generation communication technologies to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. On railroads, Accenture’s solutions enable railroad systems to function better for society in a sustainable and affordable way. Currently, there are many unmanned trains, but in the future they will all be self-driving. To achieve this, Accenture’s team uses technologies such as cloud, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Cluj’s new Accenture office in the Hexagon office building covers an area of ​​2000 square meters on two floors (3 and 4). The new space is designed to facilitate collaboration and socialization. Employees benefit from several relaxation areas, gaming rooms, cafes, innovation rooms and test areas. There is also an ideal space for short calls, private conversations (phone booths), massage rooms and showers. The new space can accommodate 50% of the center’s employees and has a system to reserve seats when you need to work at your desk. Accenture Cluj moves to new office space – Romanian Journal

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