Access to Abortion: What Does the Supreme Court’s Decision Mean for Utah?

The Supreme Court personally voted to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, a groundbreaking case that guarantees constitutional rights to abortion. Politico..

If that happens, what does it mean to Utah?

A preliminary majority opinion written by Judge Samuel Alito argues that “Raw was terribly wrong from the beginning” and defeats the 1992 decision (planned parent-child relationship vs. Casey) that further confirmed the rights.

“We think we have to dismiss Roe and Casey,” wrote Alito.

Alito argues that decisions regarding abortion law should be made by politicians and that the subject should be returned to individual states.

The draft was created in February and is not final until it is published. Politico Note. Leaking a draft opinion is completely unprecedented in the modern history of courts.

Access to abortion in Utah

Without the Roe v. Wade case, the right to abortion would be left to the state, and Utah state parliamentarians have already revealed their feelings. In 2020 Then-Gov.Gary Herbert has signed the so-called Trigger ActIn addition, illegal restrictions on abortion are currently set to take effect in the event of Roe’s capsizing.

SB174 In most cases abortion is banned, but if the mother’s life is at stake, if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, or if two doctors practicing “maternal-fetal medicine” If both determine that the fetus is “defective,” an exception is allowed. Is it uniformly diagnosable and uniformly fatal … has severe brain abnormalities that are uniformly diagnosable. “

Exceptions are currently being implemented, but the Utah Republican Party suggests that it wants to see more restrictions in the future. A Proposed platform fix The language introduced last month removes words that save the life of the mother or make exceptions in the case of rape or incest.

During last month’s party nominations, the delegation did not vote for the proposal — neither accepted nor rejected the change.

According to Utah, Utah is not the only state to have a favorable start in limiting abortion, as 21 other states have passed near-complete or early bans. Vox..

Abortion refugees

At the same time, some liberal states, including Utah’s neighbors, are moving in the opposite direction, further enshrining women’s right to abortion. Just last month, Colorado law enacted rights, making it one of the few states that does not limit abortion at any time during pregnancy. NPR..

Thanks to state law patchwork, Utahns will need to travel to neighboring Nevada, Colorado, or New Mexico to have an abortion.Several Colorado Clinic is already preparing for an influx of patients Assign staff to purchase equipment.

rear Texas passed an almost total ban on abortion last yearA planned parent clinic in a neighboring state reported Almost 800% increase in abortion cases from Texas..

Abortion rights activists, the inconvenience and expense of travel make abortion unavailable to many and carry pregnancy to low-income people to maturity, or End your pregnancy yourself using do-it-yourself tools..

Some companies are stepping up to support the financial costs of travel. In April, Yelp announced that it would cover abortion-related travel expenses for employees and spouses living in Texas. New York Times.. Amazon follows a similar policy, paying up to $ 4,000 for treatment not available nearby. BBC Reported earlier on Monday.

It is unclear how many women in Utah are eligible for such benefits, or whether more companies will participate to help women receive care outside the state.

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