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According to experts, Covid’s rapid nasal swab test may not be able to detect Omicron fast enough.

According to infectious disease experts, wiping the nose with a rapid antigen test does not reliably detect Omicron variants in the first few days of infection, allowing manufacturers to safely collect samples from the throat as well. You need to seek US approval for this.

The US Food and Drug Administration has expressed concern about the safety of self-pharyngeal swabs.

Infected in the throat and saliva, but before the virus reaches the nose, people can already infect others with Omicron, so wiping the nostrils in the early stages of infection will not pick it up, Former Harvard TH Dr. Michael Mina Chan School of Public Health and now eMed’s Chief Science Officer said at a press conference Thursday.

A Study published on Wednesday Prior to peer review, medRxiv examined 29 Omicron-infected workers in high-risk occupations who underwent PCR and antigen testing simultaneously for multiple days. PCR tests on saliva detected the virus an average of 3 days before a rapid nasal swab sample became positive.

Blythe Adamson, research leader at Infectious Economics LLC, a risk-reducing company based in New York, said:

Mina said a positive antigen test is very reliable.

On social media, some experts advise antigen test users to wipe their throat before wiping their nose. However, the FDA states that users must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Authorities said there were safety concerns regarding self-collection of throat swabs, “because they are more complex than nasal swabs and can be harmful to patients if used incorrectly”.

“The CDC recommends that trained healthcare providers collect swabs in the throat,” the FDA said.

Before the FDA approves a throat swab at home, Mina says manufacturers need to conduct a study to show that consumers can safely perform tests and provide detailed instructions on each test kit. I did. Own risk. “

He said the test kits offered to British consumers include instructions for wiping their throat. It’s important to follow the FDA’s guidance, but he said, “We also need to follow science.”

Studies have shown that Covid-19 symptoms appear earlier in Omicron than in other variants.

“If you feel symptoms, think positive,” but Mina, who is developing technology to verify the results of antigen tests, advises to wait until a few days have passed before using the antigen test. did.

The test after invading the nose “successfully detects Omicron,” he said.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707598/Rapid-nose-swab-tests-for-Covid-may-not-detect-Omi According to experts, Covid’s rapid nasal swab test may not be able to detect Omicron fast enough.

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