According to polls, three in four Americans ignore disaster and weather evacuation orders.

The Salt Lake City National Weather Service has warned that heavy thunderstorms and flash floods could occur in central and eastern Utah from Thursday to Friday. These storms can cause lightning and wildfires.

According to the agency, the I-15 Corridor is a borderline where heavy rains can occur on the east side of the interstate and floods and gusts can occur on the west side of the corridor.

Unstable weather predictions have one in ten U.S. residents ignore evacuation orders issued for wildfires, and three in four residents ignore them due to disasters and weather events. Despite what new polls have shown.

What the numbers indicate: May In all 50 states dating back to 2018, we analyzed Google search volumes related to over 1,500 bad weather topics and questions, and went to the scene to survey 1,018 US residents.

The vote Shown among US residents:

  • 78% do not have a portable generator and 54% do not have an emergency supply kit.
  • Even if evacuation orders are issued due to weather or disasters, 3 out of 4 people have not evacuated.
  • 23% do not know the difference between bad weather monitoring and warning.

“One of the most shocking things is that a quarter of Americans don’t know the difference between a clock and a warning. A clock means that the condition is ripe and can be formed. And the warning means that it was discovered and is here. ”

According to the survey, 28% of people do not take the warning seriously regarding evacuation orders.

“I know wildfires are a big story in some areas, and I know that one in ten people ignored their evacuation orders and chose to stay in their homes. I was shocked, “she said. “It can be difficult to leave home without knowing what to return to. I’m leaving my lifelong belongings there, but it’s very important for people to follow the orders issued.”

Fires and earthquakes: Over the years, Utah has had several large wildfires that are widespread. Evacuation.

in progress Drought In the west, findings show that the area has suffered the worst damage in 1,200 years, raising concerns about the active season of wildfires this year.

And two years ago, experts say Utah has been postponed due to a “major earthquake” awakened to a magnitude 5.7 earthquake.

Get ready for Utah: Wade Matthews, a spokesman for the Utah Danish Emergency Management Agency, said he couldn’t comment specifically on the results of the vote, but he said more preparation was always needed.

“Generally speaking, when it comes to emergency preparedness, I feel like I’m doing a little better job in Utah. It’s part of the culture … and recently, earthquakes are preparing for emergencies. I raised my interest. “

He emphasized the importance of emergency kits and had a food and water supply and communication plan.

“I don’t know when it will be needed. We prepare for a non-urgent day, a blue sky day, so we can better respond and recover on a gray sky day in the event of a disaster. I can do it.”

He added that evacuation orders need to be followed and people need to be vigilant during the wildfire season.

“Evacuation orders are important. That’s the difference between victims and survivors. Don’t stand to see what your neighbors are doing and don’t mill,” he said. “If you are given evacuation orders and timeframes, follow those orders.”

The Utah website has a wealth of information on emergency preparedness.

A new analysis using state-by-state Google search trends, of course, found that the most common disaster-related question in Utah is what to do in the event of an earthquake.

The state-by-state list had some surprising reactions. At Aidaho, people are worried about how to prepare their homes for a tornado. In Massachusetts, we’re wondering if it’s safe to take a shower during a thunderstorm (perhaps if you’re inside), and Wyoming residents are worried about how to comfort their dogs during a thunderstorm.

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https://www./utah/2022/6/23/23180182/poll-americans-ignore-evacuation-orders-disasters-weather-disaster-earthquake-wildfire-utah According to polls, three in four Americans ignore disaster and weather evacuation orders.

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