According to the CDC, more counties in Utah have moderate COVID-19 levels.

Nine of the 29 counties in Utah have reached the medium community level of COVID-19. Only 3 1 week ago.

The Updated map Approximately one-third of Utah counties are on alert, including Salt Lake, Summit, Weber, Grand, San Juan, Piute, Garfield, Kane, and Washington counties in Utah, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I have. The rest of Utah’s counties remain low.

This is a little less than 10% increase in the number of counties across the country at the medium community level. CDC advises People discussing with healthcare providers Wear a mask If you are at high risk of becoming seriously ill, take other precautions against catching the virus.

According to the CDC, people living with or with high-risk people should consider virus masks and tests. Booster shot Anyone over 5 years old can use it.

Pamela Anderson, 68, of West Valley City, who was tested for COVID-19 on Friday, said she was worried about living in the CDC’s medium-sized community-level virus county. Anderson said she is considered at high risk because she has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and has had a previous open heart surgery.

“It’s scary. We just don’t know to me, we just have to do something, but I don’t know what to do. We get a little lazy about it. , Then it comes back and hits us again, “said the part-time office manager. “We just can’t be lazy, I guess. You need to mask better.”

She said she might start wearing the mask again from time to time, even though it’s difficult with COPD.

“I think it’s okay because it’s like getting this confidence from everything from boosters to vaccinations, and that’s probably not right,” Anderson said while waiting for her test results. Her daughter, whose husband and she live in South Jordan, was tested a few days ago when their home was remodeled and positive.

“I started coughing yesterday,” Anderson said, “I feel okay. She calls herself a” fighter “and wants to know if she’s infected with the virus” for safety. ” Said. If so, I don’t want to go out and expose it to anyone else. ”

In Utah, 7,502 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the past week, with 12 additional deaths from the virus. Weekly Utah Health Ministry data Released on Thursday. The weekly report showed that 213 people were hospitalized in the state with COVID-19.

Furthermore, the daily average of new cases in Utah has increased by more than 31%, now at 1,073, and the daily average of new hospitalizations for the virus has increased by more than 21%. The average daily number of patients in the COVID-19 intensive care unit decreased by more than 10%, but fell below 17.

The virus killed 4,793 people in Utah, and the 12 additional deaths reported Thursday include 25-44 women in Salt Lake County. Males in Salt Lake County, 45-64; Females in Tooele County, 45-64; 4 Utahns 65-84; 5 Utahns over 85 years old.

CDC uses hospitalization and capacity as well as case count Determine community level Of the virus below New metric At the beginning of this year Omicron variant Sent Case of soaring Record levels in Utah and other countries.

Universal masking is now recommended by the CDC only when the community level reaches its highest point.

Under the previous metric used to determine COVID-19 risk by county Nearly 79% show high levels of infection because they depended on the number of lowercase letters. In Utah, only Rich County has moderate transmission levels, but data from Beaver County or Daggett County are not available. The rest of Utah is at a high level.

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https://www./utah/2022/6/10/23162690/covid-medium-levels-more-counties-utah-where-cdc-wants-you-to-be-more-careful-omicron According to the CDC, more counties in Utah have moderate COVID-19 levels.

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