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According to the SC’s order, a private criminal law for anti-mobs is enacted, and a city lawyer petitioned the PMO.

Hyderabad: Increasing international concerns about the potential of India’s minority “genocide”, city-based practitioners in a public call to Muslims at the Sadus rally in Haridwar last month Petitioned the Prime Minister’s Office of the Indian Federation. And the Telangana government will enact a special law in accordance with the Supreme Court’s decision passed in 2018.

In his five-page petition, Khaja Aijazuddin, a practical advocate in the court of the Supreme Court of Terrangana, has taken into account numerous cases of lynching and mob violence across the country since the last few years. The petition for the warrant noted the case filed with the Supreme Court of India. I passed certain instructions. The Union of India and the State Government is obliged to comply.

Excerpt from the 2018 Supreme Court of India decision

The ruling passed on July 17, 2018 held responsibility that action should be taken by the center and state within four weeks from the date of the ruling.

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The lawyer said it was a constitutional obligation of India and the state to protect the lives of citizens and enforce criminal law in light of the mob Lynch case that occurred in India, and the Supreme Court said its reportable ruling ( 2018) 9 Supreme Court Case 501, Tehseen S. Poonawalla vs. India and other coalitions, in essence the most serious issue that has put together guidelines to curb the threat of formulating “precautionary measures” and “corrective measures”. , “Punishmental measures”.

Khaja Aijazuddin, a lawyer in the Telangana High Court

The Supreme Court has explicitly advised Congress to create a separate crime for lynching and punish the same. In addition, the Apex Court Special law In this area, it will instill a fear of law among those involved in such types of activities, not doing so corresponds to a breach of judgment said by a lawyer in his petition.

Apex’s court ruling states: “The state government shall appoint senior police officers who do not fall below the rank of police police as node officers in each district. Further instructions to the state government are given in the same ruling. I did.

Khaja Aijazuddin warns that international human rights groups are not far from India in view of the spread of hatred for minorities, and that the state is aware of it and enacts special legislation in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Court. Stated.

Telangana is obliged to follow the instructions of the Supreme Court of India’s decision (2018). Failure to comply will result in unique legal consequences that Telangana will have to suffer. The Telangana State Government shall take steps to enact special legislation at a parliamentary session equivalent to the recent passage of Jharkhand. Anti Mob Lynching Bill At the Jharkhand Parliament.

https://www.siasat.com/enact-anti-mob-lynching-laws-as-per-sc-order-city-lawyer-petitions-pmo-2262710/ According to the SC’s order, a private criminal law for anti-mobs is enacted, and a city lawyer petitioned the PMO.

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